Vembu Success Stories


Epworth School

Vembu provides a solid product with great support. The product is constantly updated and new features are added.


Northeast Montana Health Services

Not much to say really, other than that it just works! Once everything was set up and running we don’t have to get in there unless we need to adjust schedule changes or to restore files.


WFB Baird & Co India Pvt Ltd

Vembu is a good product if you are looking for affordable, reliable backup solution for your VM’s. If anyone can benefit using Vembu, definitely, I will recommend.

Jazan University

Jazan University

Vembu helps Jazan University to overcome their backup performance issues also delivering on recovery and scalability.


Mackie Group

Vembu addresses the availability concern of core production systems that support Mackie’s business operations at affordable price point.


CEREDIGION County Council

With consistent improvements and upgrades on product, Vembu becomes a valuable partner for Cyngor Sir CEREDIGION County Council for five years in a row


X-Net Solutions

I would recommend Vembu to anyone who would like to run their own cloud backup infrastructure because Vembu BDR is reliable, robust and the support is great.



Customer would recommend Vembu to others because it delivers on three things – quality, stability and value for money

All Star Insurance

All Star General Insurance

All Star General Insurance Agency spins up Vembu backups of their critical servers for upper management.

Digital Information

Digital Information AB

Digital Information AB Wins Customers with Vembu BDR’s Affordable Reliability

Double Down Tech

Double Down Tech

Vembu BDR Delivers A Trustworthy & Scaleable Solution that Support Multiple Environments

TechFreaks Repairs

TechFreaks Repairs

Simple, Easy Solution Satisfies All Needs for TechFreaks Repairs


Nutek Pte Ltd

Vembu is easy to use and there are a few free tools to use. Overall, totally worthy because of the product’s efficiency and very helpful

GO2 IT Solutions

GO2 IT Solutions

Go2 IT Solutions rely on Vembu for their customers’ critical data in times of outage and disaster

ABC Industries LLC

ABC Industries LLC

ABC Industries LLC recommends Vembu to others because of their user-friendly & cost-effective solution aided by timely support

Web Fire

Web Fire Communications

Vembu OnlineBackup Proves Versatile for Web Fire Communications

403Tech IT Solutions

403Tech IT Solutions

Backup and Recovery Dashboard Provides Significant Time Savings for 403tech

Excellent Networks, Inc

Excellent Networks, Inc

Great Returns and High Security With Minimal System Impact

Zecontech, Inc

Zecontech, Inc

Vembu addresses diverse backup needs of Zecontech with broad set of scalable offerings at affordable pricing

Infotech Solutions, LLC

Infotech Solutions, LLC

Vembu OnlineBackup Addresses Infotech Solutions Requirement for a Secure and Enterprise Cloud Backup

Lentner Technology Partners

Lentner Technology Partners

Lenter Tech. Gains Rock Solid Data Retention & Retrieval with Vembu BDR plus Increased Savings and Profitability

GND SYS Limited
“With Vembu, we are able to offer the best solution for our clients with good value for money
DH International
“DH International teams up with Vembu for providing secure backup service to their clients across various locations

Merrimac Solutions
Merrimac Solutions
“Vembu helps build a cost effective backup solution for Merrimac’s SMB and enterprise customers

“Help4IT picks Vembu to power its comprehensive data protection service to a diverse clientele

On-Ramp Indiana
“Vembu provides On Ramp Indiana with great recurring revenue while simplifying the customer backup management

Petter Sehlin, Digital Information AB
“Vembu’s solution is simply the best backup solution we have ever come across.

Gary Elliott,OpenMinds
“At OpenMinds, Vembu’s product has allowed us to provide our clients access and control of their important data 24/7.

Trevor Matkowski, Daycom
“Vembu’s solution is a great product with tons of options and and easy to use web interface.
J-Taylor Systems
Jeff Taylor, J-Taylor Systems
“I have done my homework and completed my trial period of several backup providers, systems, and software.
Jens Johnsen, Curiosus
“Vembu’s solution is a very stable and reliable backup solution. It makes my job more easy, when I am monitoring my customers’ daily backup

EcoVault Data Solutions
Jason Blevins,EcoVault Data Solutions
“I really like your product and your customer support especially the additional information provided to help support the solution

Ceniom, Inc
Yan Kit Chan, Ceniom, Inc.
“It is the most practical and cost effective market that I found
Andre Dowding, Net Intellect Pty Ltd
“Vembu’s solution is a good reliable product

Petter Sehlin, Digital Information AB
“We and our customers are very pleased with Vembu, keep up the good work!
First Step Media
Randy Holdeman, First Step Media
“Great product and technical support!
Eyre Solutions
Dan Haycocks, Eyre Solutions Ltd
“I have to say that the Vembu team have renewed our faith in overseas software houses. The product is great with fast support when needed.

Andrew Stuart, ComputersUSA
“Great product and great service; in fact, I love it. Both Pro/SP editions. I use this product for my family, I recommend it to my friends. It’s a real find
Backup Plan Inc
Timothy McGuire, The Backup Plan, Inc
“A roles based login to my main backup server would be great, to allow a customer to login and see a consolidated summary of their machines and jobs.

Technology Management International
David Isaacson, TMI
“We love the product. We are new to the market but have had 100% success in integrating and using the product. We love it, our customers love it. It is a fantastic product

Business Solutions by Watkins
Kevin Watkins, Business Solutions by Watkins
“Vembu technical support is second to none. They jump right on any question or issue and follow it through throughtly until the customer is satisfied. Way to go!
Jonny Andersson, Bredband i Kristianstad AB
“Vembu! Nice tool, easy to use. Safe backup
Tim Carr, Buchanan Associates
“Vembu’s product has proven to be the best mid-size and enterprise-level online backup product we could find. Our customer base is very satisfied with the service they’re receiving from us
Ronald De la Cruz, DataGuard
“Vembu offers us a friendly environment to the user, good prices and an excellent support. We are also pleased with the launchings of new versions that are easy to install !!