“Not much to say really, other than that it just works! Once everything was set up and running we don’t have to get in there unless we need to adjust schedule changes or to restore files.

– Stuart Conner, Northeast Montana Health Services, United States

Northeast Montana Health Services

Industry : Hospital
The client was looking for a simple solution for their virtual servers running on two different sites and wants to backup those server over the network.
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Vembu VMBackup

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About the Northeast Montana Health Services

Northeast Montana Health Services (NMHS) is headquartered in United States was established in 1996 combining Wolf Point and Poplar of healthcare to provide distinct goals of healthcare and service to the communities.


NMHS have 3 sites all linked together by Fiber Optic and the servers at 2 out of the 3 sites need to be backed up over the network. Their environment is a mixed of both Virtual and Physical Servers.


NMHS discovered Vembu BDR Suite as an ideal solution to solve their backup problem. They found Vembu as a great solution for their hypervisor backup and also said that Vembu VMBackup product was the biggest reason for using Vembu. NHMS have used several other backup products, but they chose Vembu for its better price, as well as with a single solution they were able to do full server backups of both their virtual and physical servers. Customer also described their experience with Vembu as, once it’s set up it just works in the background on it’s own, also the interface is great and saves a lot of time for them.

About Support

The support has been good so far. I’ve raised two or three tickets with a couple of server backup issues that I had initially and they have all been resolved. The techs are pretty friendly.

Customer also added that they would recommend Vembu as a great alternative for the Virtual backup solution.

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