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Vembu offers premium backup and disaster recovery solutions at an affordable price for SMBs that can’t afford to leave servers unprotected but don’t have the budgets of their enterprise counterparts.
Vembu BDR has a web-based UI which is fast enough to get a seamless experience. You can access it from anywhere and you don’t need any plugin in your browser.
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Vembu is a great backup vendor that is extremely versatile and provides wide coverage for backing up various environments from VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and physical environments.
It really is very simple to deal with and restores are fast.The new pricing for the SMB market is hard to beat and is sure to capture the attention of SMB’s which will eventually lead to a tough competition amongst the established vendors.
Vembu BDR Suite is constantly under development to improve features and performance, it a cost effective backup solution that covers all business requirements to ensure maximum protection for the workloads and data.
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In the Standard and Enterprise edition, customers have the opportunity to choose a BDR edition in accordance with their business perspective, and the option to protect their virtual environment at a lower cost.
The new Standard version is the great novelty which allows to be more competitive in terms of business orientation and its corresponding price. In parallel to the Standard version, the Enterprise version is, oriented to all types of businesses.
With the new Standard Edition of Vembu BDR Suite, the SMBs can now enforce the best Backup and Disaster recovery solution in their IT environment at a reasonable price to achieve superior data protection along with Business Continuity.
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Despite the fact that the previously available solution was affordable in relation to the functions offered, Vembu addresses the expectations of small businesses, further simplifying the use of the solution.
Vembu BDR has not only thought about the characteristics that should have a backup software for an SME, they have also improved the prices so that it is affordable to any company.
The standard edition is designed and has a price to take into account in small and medium enterprises, which will help them comply with the current backup and recovery SLAs.
Vembu BDR Suite is a complete solution designed to protect critical data. Their latest BDR Suite version 3.9.1, which include Standard Edition is appropriate for small business (SMBs) at very affordable pricing.
Vembu really understand what customer require so they are able to release an update so quickly to overcome missing support feature. Vembu BDR provides efficient Deduplication to backup data, which will help to save the cost on bandwidth and storage space.