A Universal Backup Solution for All
Physical & Virtual Environments

Backup and Disaster Recovery for
VMware, Hyper-V and Physical Environments

Vembu Backup & Disaster Recovery

Enhanced Disk Image backups for Physical and Virtual environments

  • High performance backup support for VMware
  • Application aware backup and granular recovery
  • Instantly boot a failed Physical Server or VM
  • 10 GB of free space on our Cloud DR (replication)


Free Endpoint Protection

Desktop & Laptop Backup, File Share & Sync for free

  • Backup to your own servers or to our secure cloud
  • Perform either File Backup or Disk Image Backups
  • File Share, Sync & Collaborate
  • 10GB of optional free storage space on our cloud

On-Premise / Hybrid Cloud

Vembu serves over 25,000+ businesses and counting

channel partners
451-logo“For IT administrators the most prevalent email problems by far are related to issues associated with the recovery of user messages and accounts, Vembu resolves by providing rich MAPI capabilities within its Windows Client module.”
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“If it appears that this analyst is impressed with Vembu, he is. Vembu’s feature set surpasses what one might presume to come from a backup company that most folks
(in North America at least) haven’t heard of”
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On-Premise Backup
and Disaster Recovery
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Online Backup Service
Directly to Our Cloud
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Cloud Based File Sharing
and Sync for Businesses
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Centralized Management
of Geo-diverse Sales Teams
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Intelligent and Interactive
Customer Support
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Marketing and Customer Support
through Social Media
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Dive deep into the VembuHIVE file system

This whitepaper describes our patent-pending VembuHIVE cloud file system in detail. This scalable file system was invented by the Vembu engineering team to address data management complexities by businesses and achieve multiple use cases like backup, file sharing & sync and semantic data analysis. Benefits:

  • Point-in-time restores
  • Storage reduction through deduplication
  • Built-in error correction
  • WAN acceleration

About the author

jayashreeJayashree Subramanian is the Vice President of Technology for Vembu Technologies. She has a Ph.D from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was also a Member Technical Staff at Bell Labs & Alcatel-Lucent, India. Her field of research includes wired and wireless networks, cloud architecture and distributed algorithms. She has three patents applied in Cloud RAN (Radio Access Networks) and one patent applied for her work in VembuHIVE file system.

Our customers love us and so will you

“We chose Vembu because of brand loyalty and enterprise backup features (SQL, Exchange, VMWare, Hyper-V) and custom encryption keys. What we liked most about Vembu would be the ease of setup and security. Vembu provides easy, secure, and reliable backups for our company.”

Josh VanDyke, IT Manager InfoTech

“Our business is now successful with Vembu OnlineBackup because backups were typically done only locally before. They would account for 1 hour per month of time multiplied by number of client sites. Vembu now splits that time significantly by allowing a view of all successful client backups from the dashboard. About 15 minutes a month is spent dealing with backups which is a cost savings 95%.”

Scott Gallupe, President 403Tech Inc.

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