Vembu Backup for AWS

Secure, Affordable and Reliable Cloud-native Backup and Recovery solution for AWS EC2 instances

  • Agentless Cloud-Native Backup for EC2 instances
  • Near-Continuous Data Protection with automatic scheduling
  • Application-Aware backups
  • Instance and Volume-level recovery
  • Exhaustive Backup and Recovery reports

Backup up to 10 EC2 instances for FREE

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Complete Protection of AWS EC2 Instances

Free Edition

Backup up to 10 AWS EC2 instances for free without feature restrictions using Free Edition of Vembu Backup for AWS.

No additional cost!

Standard Edition

Backup unlimited AWS EC2 instances by purchasing licenses for each instance at $3/instance/month

No minimum purchase restriction!

Does AWS Backup your data?

AWS adopts a Shared Responsibility Model in which they protect the data by providing security to their cloud while the users are responsible for the security of their data stored in the AWS cloud.
This means, even if AWS offers manual snapshots and volume backups, you need a complete AWS Data Protection solution for backup, versioning, archiving, retention and recovery to protect your EC2 instances from data threats in the cloud ranging from accidental file deletion to malware.

Vembu, as part of its BDR Suite and with its more than a decade experience in the data protection domain, offers a simple, secure and cloud-native AWS backup software for your AWS EC2 instances. You can recover your backup instance, volume or even files at any time with near-zero RTO.

What Our Customers Say

First and foremost the value you get for the price you pay is great. Vembu is a competitive product to Veeam and Nakivo, yet the pricing is much more pleasant. Also, my support experience with them has been good. They were responsive (even while I was trialling the product) both times I’ve contacted them.
Our biggest challenge was to find a vendor that allow us to host our own backups (both for our own infrastructure but also to sell as a service to our clients). Vembu ticked the boxes well for a low cost of entry and license fee structure and gives you the ability to host your own backup data or if you want to use their cloud storage.

Vembu Backup for AWS – Key Features

Cloud-Native Backup

Unlimited agentless AWS backup and restore of EC2 instances with snapshots using Amazon APIs.

Instant Restore

Restore AWS backup instances or volumes at near-zero recovery time objective in the same AWS account

Automatic Backup Scheduling

Set AWS backup schedule that will backup your instances automatically ensuring near-continuous Data Protection.
Backup EC2 instances from any account

Backup EC2 instances from any account

Add your target AWS Account and backup any instance from any region available in that account. You can also perform search operations based on OS type, Instance type and availability zone to narrow down the list of instances that have to be backed up.

How does Vembu AWS Backup work?

Vembu BDR Suite performs agentless AWS EC2 backup and restore by leveraging Amazon APIs to manage snapshots. By launching a Vembu BDR Backup Server instance in your AWS Account using the Vembu CloudFormation template, you can schedule backups of the instances running in the same account or in any other AWS Account.

All the snapshots (restore points) of the target instances will be stored in the same account from which they are backed up. When the need arises to restore an instance or multiple instances from a particular restore point, you can recover and launch the required instances in the same account instantly.

AWS Backup

Robust high-performance backups for your EC2 Instances

Agentless Cloud-Native Backup

Vembu BDR Suite uses AWS APIs to backup your EC2 instances. This eliminates the need of an agent to be installed in the target instances to perform backups. With agentless backups, you can backup EC2 instances running on any region in any AWS Account.

Automatic Backup Scheduling

Experience near-continuous Data Protection of your instances by scheduling backups on a minute, hourly, daily or weekly basis. Also, retain up to 10 snapshots for every backup job for use during recovery.

AWS backup
AWS backup

Application-Aware Processing

Get application-consistent backups of your Microsoft applications like MS Exchange Server and MS SQL. Vembu Backup for AWS ensures that the backup takes place only when the application-writers are stable and a transaction-consistent snapshot is guaranteed.

Pre/Post Backup Scripts

Run custom scripts in the form of batch files automatically before and after every backup job to prepare the applications into backup mode before the backup starts and revert after the backup completes.

Instant and flexible restore of your EC2 instances

Instance Recovery

Recover backup instances from the required restore point, by registering a new AMI Image that you can either deregister after recovery or leave it registered to create future instances.

Volume Recovery

Recover only the required volumes by attaching them to target instances by configuring the capacity, volume type, and the attach-behavior.

AWS backup
AWS backup

File Recovery (coming soon..)

Recover individual files or folders from the backed up instances without recovering the full volume/instance.

Cross-region Recovery (coming soon..)

Recover backed up EC2 instances to the same or different AWS regions for disaster recovery purposes.

Simplified Management and Extensive Reporting


Get exhaustive reports about the backup and recovery operations and explore the logs to get the step-by-step status of the operation performed. The reports can also be directly emailed to your inbox to provide complete visibility over the backup jobs.

User Management (coming soon..)

Add multiple users to access Vembu Backup for AWS and specify access privileges for the users to backup and restore the AWS EC2 instances running on their managed regions or accounts.

Technical Support

With customer satisfaction being our primary objective, our round the clock instant technical support will address your queries and offer assistance whenever required. Vembu Technical support gives you the following advantages:

  • Full time access to our online knowledge base
  • 24/5 support through email or phone
  • Guaranteed 24-hour response

Affordable Pricing

Vembu offers competitive pricing with multiple editions that will help you protect your AWS EC2 instances at extremely affordable pricing.

  • Subscription license is a fully-featured paid licensing model that includes monthly, yearly and multi-year (1, 2, 3 & 5) commitment
  • Perpetual licensing is a fully-featured, single fee (one-time payment) licensing model. Vembu Perpetual licensing comes with free maintenance and support for the first year.