Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the global leader in the Cloud IaaS market with more than a million businesses deploying and using computing workloads. As per AWS, they provide the security of their cloud, while the customers are responsible for the security in the cloud. This means you need a complete data protection process for backup, versioning, archiving, retention and recovery to protect your EC2 instances from data threats in the cloud ranging from accidental file deletion to malware.
Vembu, as part of its BDR Suite and with its more than a decade experience in the data protection domain, offers a simple, secure and cloud-native backup solution for your AWS EC2 instances. You can recover your backup instance, volume or even files at any time with near-zero RTO.

Vembu AWS Backup – Featured Highlights

Automatic backup scheduling

Experience near-continuous data protection of your instances by scheduling backups on minute/hourly, daily or weekly basis. Also, retain up to 10 snapshots for every backup job to use during recovery.

Application-aware processing

Get application-consistent backups of your Microsoft applications like MS Exchange Server and MS SQL. AWS Backup ensures that the backup happens only when the application-writers are stable and a transaction-consistent snapshot is guaranteed.

Pre/Post backup scripts

Run custom scripts in the form of batch files automatically before and after every backup job to prepare the applications into backup mode before the backup starts and revert after the backup completes.
Instance Recovery

Instance recovery

Recover backup instances from the required restore point, by registering a new AMI Image that you can either de-register after recovery or leave it registered to create future instances.

Volume Recovery

Recover only the required volumes by attaching them to target instances by configuring the capacity, volume type, and the attach-behavior.

File Recovery

Recover individual files or folders from the backed up instances without recovering the full volume/instance.


Get exhaustive reports about the backup and recovery operations and explore the logs to get the step-by-step status of the operation performed. The reports can also be directly emailed to your inbox to provide complete visibility over the backup jobs.

Lenter Tech. Gains Rock Solid Data Retention & Retrieval with Vembu BDR plus Increased Savings and Profitability

Lentner Technology

“The Vembu solution has increased Lentner Technology Integrator’s bottom line for cloud backup services from $1 per GB up to $7 per GB. This has proved to be one of the most profitable services in our lineup offered to clients. In total, Vembu BDR has saved our clients an estimated half a million dollars in lost revenue from data loss last year.”

Sean Lentner,

CIO, Lentner Technology Integrators
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