Vembu Backup & Replication for VMware

Robust, Scalable and Reliable Backup & DR Solution for your VMware vSphere VMs.

  • Agentless Image-level VM Backup
  • Near Continuous Data Protection
  • Application-aware VM backup
  • Instant VM Boot
  • Instant File and Application Item-level Recovery
  • Automatic Backup Verification
  • Backup VMware data to cloud
  • Adheres to Compliances & Regulations

Backup unlimited VMs for free. No feature restrictions up to 10 VMs

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Flexible Licensing Options Ideal for All Types of Businesses

Free Edition

  • Backup upto 10 VMware VMs for free with no feature restrictions
  • Backup unlimited VMware VMs for free with few restrictions

Standard Edition

  • Backup & restore your VMware VMs at $3.6/VM/Month
  • Small businesses can backup their first 100 VMs at just $1.8/VM/Month with the Standard Essential package

Enterprise Edition

  • Backup and replicate your business critical VMs to DR host at $6/VM/Month
  • Small businesses can backup their first 100 VMs at $3/VM/Month with the Enterprise Essential package

VMware Backup & Replication – Feature Highlights


  • Agentless VMware ESXi Backup & vCenter VM backup
  • Incremental backup using VMware Changed Block Tracking
  • Application-Aware VMware vSphere backup
  • Faster backup using Direct SAN and Hot-Add transport modes
  • Native tape backup support
  • VembuHIVETM – for efficient backup storage


  • Instant Boot VM – To restore VMs instantly
  • Instant & Granular File-Level Recovery
  • Granular application item recovery
  • VM disk-level recovery
  • Cross-platform & Cross hypervisor migration


  • Network Mapping between source and destination ESXi
  • Re-Ip to reconfigure IP address of the replica VMs
  • Failover to switch the operation to replica VMs
  • Failback to migrate the replicate VMs to different ESXi host
  • Granularly recover files & folders from replicated VMs


  • Centralized monitoring of VMware Backup & Replication
  • Email notifications for instant alerts
  • Encryption using AES- 256 bit encryption algorithm
  • Compression & Deduplication for data reduction
  • Offsite backup replication to your Datacenter
  • Cloud replication to Vembu Cloud

What Our Customers Say

We have been using Vembu for years and the BDR suite is an example of the excellent software we have come to expect from Vembu. It has the features we are looking for, but most important of all, it is stable. We tried multiple vendors through the years until we finally came across his company. We stayed with them because when we need to do a restore and routine check, the backup data is there.
We have used other backup/DR tools in the past which have always failed when you need them most, we ended up doing the backups manually which became too much. We then found and tested Vembu and It’s so easy to use, we can connect remotely to keep an eye on the tasks and the whole setup is a joy to use. Support is also fantastic, they are quick at responding and very helpful and informative.

Complete VMware Backup Solution

Vembu’s approach to backup VMware vSphere VMs is one of the most unparalleled ways of protecting your data against a data loss or disaster. Be it a small business running a few VMware hosts or an enterprise running many VMware hosts in the cluster, Vembu BDR Suite takes a comprehensive approach to protect VMware vSphere VMs; as a result, you can now experience an intuitive, agentless, image-level backup that not only protects business-critical VMware virtual machines but also applications and its data.

Blistering VMware Backup & Restore Performance

Vembu BDR Suite enables organizations to meet and transcend aggressive RTO and RPO objectives to provides blistering backup and exceptional restoring performances!

  • Near Continuous Data Protection with RPO and RTO less than 15 minutes
  • Vembu leverages VMware’s Changed Block Tracking for Incremental Backups
  • Instant VM Boot allows booting of VMs directly from backups in minutes
  • Instant & Granular File-Level Recovery
  • Instant Application Item Recovery for Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server and Sharepoint
VMware Backup & Restore Performance
VMware Backup & Restore Performance

Unequaled VMware Backup Security

No matter big or small all Businesses today call for high end security. This demands your VMware backup solution to be a central component of your overall security strategy. Vembu BDR Suite gets you covered.

  • Vembu uses its patented and secure in house file system VembuHIVE to store backup data
  • Backup data is stored in chunks that are unreadable outside of the Vembu solution
  • Backup data is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption algorithm both in-flight and at rest, so your VMware backup data is shielded and remains safe
  • Vembu allows its users to setup their unique encryption key for additional protection

Flexible VMware Backup and Recovery

Vembu BDR Suite provides all the flexibility needed to protect and restore business-critical data. Don’t spend time working around your VMware backup solution – Rather choose a VMware backup software that gives you all the prerequisites you need.

  • Cross Hypervisor Migration (V2V) allows converting VMs from VMware to Hyper-V environment and vice versa, giving you the flexibility needed for variable use cases.
  • With the VembuHIVE file system, all backups can be booted exposed in a different format and easily migrated between hypervisors, including VMware, Hyper-V, and KVM
  • Backups can be instantly converted to VHD, VHDX, Flat-VMDK, VMDK, or RAW file formats
  • Vembu Universal Explorer instantly restores the individual items from Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, and Sharepoint
  • VMware Consolidated Backup(VCB) and vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP) are integrated.
VMware Backup & Restore Performance
VMware Backup & Restore Performance

Meeting Compliances and Regulations

In today’s complex data-driven world, compliance is an obligatory measure to conserve data privacy. VMware vSphere data protection solution must be able to meet and excel compliance regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PCI-DSS and so on. Vembu BDR Suite allows organizations to meet these compliance regulations.

  • Backups are stored and transmitted securely using AES-256 encryption
  • Vembu’s Advanced Retention policies allow organizations to meet auditory compliance
  • With advanced retention merge options, businesses can customize the data retention, and merging of recovery points
  • Advanced monitoring and reporting of VMware protection jobs allow administrators to monitor their data continuously
  • Securely backup your data from VMware to cloud

Cloud Integration of VMware vSphere Backups

Leveraging the public cloud is a must-have capability for today’s fast-moving and agile businesses. Vembu BDR Suite allows organizations to take advantage of the cloud as an aspect of the overall VMware disaster recovery strategy.

  • Vembu Offsite DR server allows businesses to have an offsite copy of their VMware backup data
  • Vembu Offsite DR can be installed in your datacenter or public cloud
  • Vembu also provides a fully hosted cloud solution that stores a copy of backup data in the Vembu cloud
  • Directly store the backup data in AWS S3, Azure Databox, or Oracle Cloud
VMware Backup & Restore Performance

Backup Features Needed by Today’s Businesses Running VMware vSphere

Businesses running mission-critical workloads on vSphere environments require a backup solution that delivers all of today’s backup/data protection demands – Performance, Security, Flexibility, Compliance and Cloud compatibility. Vembu Backup & Replication for VMware delivers a powerful, flexible, and fully-featured backup solution that helps organizations to effectively meet the backup demands.

Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

With RPO and RTO less than 15 minutes, Vembu allows businesses to have guaranteed business continuity in the event of a disaster. Vembu provides instant restores at the VM, file and application object level.

  • 15-minute RPO and RTO
  • Instant file restores
  • Instant VM recovery
  • Instant Application Object recovery

Find more on Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Agentless Host Level/vCenter Level Restores

Manage backup for all VMware VMs from a single centralized web console and most importantly – no agents!

  • No agent installation required inside VMware virtual machines
  • Near Continuous Data Protection with Application-aware processing
  • Single pane of glass management dashboard via Vembu BDR Server
  • Provides a complete view of VMware infrastructure from the vSphere ESXi host or vCenter Server level

Instant Boot VM

Bringing back your VM data and services up and running is of course the top priority during a disaster recovery scenario. With Vembu Instant Boot VM, you can boot VMware virtual machines directly from Vembu backup storage.

  • Perform Instant Boot VM on virtual platforms such as VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, or a KVM environment
  • Track and record all the changes made on the Instant Boot VM as a persistent change
  • Ability to include the persistent changes to the VM when performing permanent recovery

Automated Backup Verification

Backups are only as good as their ability to be restored. Don’t be caught off guard during a disaster with corrupted backup data. Vembu BDR Suite provides automated VM backup verification.

  • VMs are booted automatically from Vembu backup storage
  • Vembu takes a screenshot of the booted VM
  • The Screenshot is sent to the administrator via email, ensuring VM backups are fully functional and operational

Find more on Automatic Backup Verification

Instant File-Level Recovery

As is often the case, individual files or folders need to be recovered. Vembu BDR Suite allows granular file restores from any VM backup. Vembu allows restoring of only the data needed without restoring an entire virtual machine.

  • Recover the files directly from the UI
  • Restore directly to the original VM(coming soon)
  • Compress and encrypt the recovered files

VM Replication for full Site-level protection

Vembu VMware Backup and Replication software provides entire site-level protection by replicating business-critical VMware virtual machines to a secondary DR site. Vembu uses VMware’s CBT to track the changes for efficient and exact data copy from production virtual machines to a secondary DR site.

  • Failover and failback to restore the business operations
  • Network mapping & Re-IP rules
  • Instantly recover the files & folder from replica VMs

Flexible Restores and Migration

Vembu BDR Suite can migrate virtual machine backups between hypervisors. VMware backups can be easily converted to multiple formats including VHD, VHDX, VMDK, Flat-VMDK, or RAW, that is often required in V2V or migration scenarios.

  • Start downloading the data instantly
  • Migrate VMware VMs to other hypervisors
  • Migrate VMware VMs to public cloud

Offsite Backup Copy

Copying backup data offsite is an essential part of protecting business-critical data. If something goes wrong with the primary copy of the backup data, you will be able to effortlessly restore the business-critical data from the offsite copy.

  • Replicate to your datacenter or Vembu Cloud
  • Store a copy on tape media for long term archival
  • WAN accelerated data transfer to the offsite

Software Defined Backup Storage

Vembu BDR Suite allows creating software-defined logical storage pools that make efficient use of all available storage provisioned for backup purposes. Administrators can easily add or group new storage medium into the backup repository.

  • Scale the backup repository at anytime
  • AES-256 bit encryption algorithm with custom password
  • Inbuilt compression & deduplication

Virtual Lab Capabilities

Building your own production lab environment is not as difficult as you think. Vembu BDR Suite allows launching of virtual machines directly from backup storage. Virtual machines can be instantly provisioned on VMware or Hyper-V hosts.

  • Install new software for testing
  • Troubleshoot problems of the VMs
  • Test new software patches and upgrades before taking to production
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