Backup Integrity Test

Vembu BDR Suite ensures the recoverability of the backed-up VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs and Windows Servers, Desktops and Laptops deployed on physical machines by running the integrity test. The three-tier backup verification process consists of mount test, boot test and integrity test. This is an automated process and it can be triggered automatically once in every day or after completing each backup schedules.

Backup Integrity Test

How it works

The backed-up VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs and physical machines might not be recoverable during disaster due to various reasons like human error, data corruption and etc. So, it is not advisable to only perform recovery while facing the system crash or any major disaster. To avoid such catastrophic, every IT Managers and Administrators will run the integrity test manually once in awhile. And this process requires lots of time and resource. So, to make this process much simple and cost effective, Vembu automated the data integrity process and the screenshot of the boot screen will be emailed to the administrators for verification purpose.

The backup integrity verification process will be carried out in the Vembu BDR backup server. To enable the backup integrity verification process, BDR backup server should be installed on the physical machine. Also, Hyper-V role should be enabled, if BDR backup server is installed on Windows Server. If the BDR backup server is installed on Ubuntu Server, KVM role should be enabled to use this feature.

Vembu offers three-tier backup verification check and it ensures to avoid data loss after recovery.

Boot check – Backed up VMs or physical machines will be instantly booted as a VM by reading the backup storage targets on Hyper-V or KVM. And the snap of the booted VM will be taken and displayed in Image Verification Report page and the same can be emailed to the administrators. This process make sure the bootability of the OS disk.

Mount check – This process ensures the backed up disks in each VMs and physical machines are mountable. Vembu BDR backup server tests it by mounting each disks temporarily on BDR backup server’s disk management.

Integrity check – Vembu uses Windows check disk utility to check the integrity of the each files which backed up along with VMs and physical machines.

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