30 03, 2020

Backup Office 365 Data with Vembu BDR Suite

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For many businesses, Microsoft Office 365 is quickly becoming the go-to productivity solution. Office 365 promises to be the SMBs alternate solution to Exchange and SharePoint servers. According to Microsoft, over 130 million active monthly business users depend on Office 365 for their business operations. [...]

23 03, 2020

Vembu Stands with SMBs Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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In the space of just a few weeks, our daily lives have changed drastically. COVID-19’s impact has deepened and has affected every individual, community, and business across the globe. Our thoughts are with those who have contracted the virus. As the situation escalates each day, [...]

19 03, 2020

Online Backup: Why, What and How

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Small businesses have IT infrastructure that consists of a combination of workstations, file servers and application servers. But the data that is generated and processed from their relatively smaller IT setup is critical. For small businesses, when maintaining an IT infrastructure, the allocated budget takes [...]

17 03, 2020

Vembu Teams up with Arktics to Distribute Vembu BDR Suite in Colombia

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Vembu, specializing in Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, has announced a partnership with Arktics to be widely available in Colombia. As a result of this partnership, Arktics can provide backup and disaster recovery solutions to its customers in Colombia thereby expanding Vembu’s presence in the [...]

10 03, 2020

MBUZZ Technologies to Distribute Vembu BDR Suite in the Middle East and North Africa

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Vembu, one of the leading Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution vendor, has announced a partnership with MBUZZ technologies, a trusted Value-Added Reseller in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe region. This partnership agreement allows MBUZZ to distribute Vembu’s comprehensive backup and DR product, Vembu BDR [...]

27 02, 2020

Installing the Failover Cluster Feature in Windows Server 2016

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What is Failover Clustering? Failover Cluster is a group of independent computers working together to improve clustered roles ' efficiency and scalability. In the above explanation, the terms “efficiency and scalability” actually refer to the clustered applications and services. The clustered servers also referred to [...]

18 02, 2020

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Versions Comparison

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In this post, we will look at the difference between Hyper-V 2016 server and Hyper-V role that can be installed inside of Windows Server 2016 installation. Also, we will discuss the advantages & disadvantages of both, their use cases and licensing model. Microsoft Hyper-V Versions [...]