Vembu vs Acronis

A complete solution to protect virtual, physical and cloud data centers

Why Vembu?

As your organization grows, your data protection measures should also scale. Your requirements may change, the need for multiple recovery options and reliability on the recoverability may increase. Settling for a backup solution that is not comprehensive means settling for a stagnant solution that becomes obsolete when your environment changes. This is where Vembu BDR Suite delivers considering the other solutions in the market.

See what our customers are saying about us

It’s a great product. Amazing support. It’s a very good value for our environment, no question. We will not change. This is a good product that does everything we want and more.

– John Demattia, Director of IT

I have been using other Backup Solutions but they really like their prices so I was looking for a different solution and I found it with Vembu. It fits my business model, my business needs, the backup works and can be exported out in a variety of forms and can perform bare metal restores. It fits my needs, it’s easy to set up and the pricing is significantly cheaper than the “big guys”. Look into it, I think you’ll really appreciate and like it.

– Michael Pisto, Fortify I.T. Inc

Vembu saved our startup on more than one occasion when a winter storm hit the city a few years ago. When a power outage caused the power to be down for about 3 days we had set our servers to backup nightly and it was able to save all our data to Vembu’s servers.

– Harrison L

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Vembu Over Acronis

1. An all-encompassing Data Protection Solution

When the number of different products deployed in your organization increases, the cost for licenses, IT staff training and the complexity that follows increases too. Most of the organizations these days adopt a hybrid IT approach. Having a different backup and DR solution for each environment is not efficient. Vembu has designed a single flexible solution to protect the data across hybrid IT environments which includes physical, virtual and cloud environments (SaaS applications). Vembu also offers DR products that allow you to have a copy of your backup data either in your own offsite datacenter or in Vembu Cloud.

2. Different recovery options for different scenarios

When you want to avoid downtime, you need instant recovery. Also, in some cases, you may want to recover or access only certain files. Further, they may also rise a need to migrate your workloads to another hypervisor (V2V) or from one platform to another (P2V). A single recovery type cannot handle all your needs across different scenarios. With Vembu, you get multiple recovery options like Quick VM Recovery, File-level recovery, Application Items recovery, Download, etc., each designed to handle a different requirement thereby achieving an RTO of less than 15 mins.

3. Reliable Backups for Recovery

How will you know whether your backup image is recoverable or corrupt until you perform a recovery operation? Vembu does that for you with the automatic backup verification feature where your backup image undergoes three tests – Boot, Mount and Data Integrity. And reports of these tests will be emailed to you every day, making it easier for you during recovery.

4. Efficient storage management

Vembu’s own file system – VembuHIVE makes your backup data storage as efficient as possible with built-in deduplication and compression. Along with storage reduction, your data is encrypted with industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption algorithm. But efficient storage is not the only benefit. VembuHIVE stores your image backup data in a neutral format, enabling you to access your data in multiple file formats like .vmdk, .vhd, .vhdx, etc. From V2V migration to bare metal restore, this will make your data recovery hassle-free.

5. Beyond the product – Pricing & Support

Multiple editions- Free, Standard and Enterprise – are available considering the budget of various types of businesses. If your requirements come upto 10 CPU sockets / 100 VMs, there is an exclusive package called Vembu BDR Essentials, that comes with all the features at a reduced price. Any queries or help that arise will be addressed by the Customer Support that is available 24/7.

With so many vendors and legacy backup solutions in the market, it is important to find a product that is easy to use, handles all your requirements and is priced within your budget. While features are important, it is crucial to look past just the technical competence by studying the usability, pricing, and support when making the final choice. Customers choose Vembu BDR Suite because it addresses the pain points that they face across their Backup & DR plans.

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