RTO & RPO < 15 mins

What is RPO & RTO?

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is referred to as your company’s tolerable downtime. i.e, the amount of data you can afford to lose so there is no impact on your business operations.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the time period within which you restore the workloads, applications & data after a business interruption.

Vembu BDR Suite offers industry standard RTO & RPO less than 15 minutes for VMware Backup & Replication, Hyper-V Backup, and Windows Image Backup.


Near-Continuous Data Protection

Vembu ensures 15 minute RPO by allowing you to backup and replicate as frequently as every 15 mins.

You can also configure jobs to start every few hours, or at a specific time daily, or on specific weekdays.



Instant Restore Capabilities

Vembu ensures 15 minute RTO with Quick VM Recovery Feature and reduces the downtime of critical workloads.

With this option, you can instantly bring your machine back into the production environment by booting your backup data (Physical/Virtual machine) as a VM on VMware/Hyper-V/KVM.

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