“Since 2008, Vembu backup has been perhaps the most important part of our customer offer. We have literally closed high-value deals in face of very fierce competition. It’s truly an amazing backup solution.

– Petter Sehlin, Owner, Digital Information Nordic AB

Digital Information AB

Company : Hosting Provider
Extremely differentiated customer demand, backup scheduling, mix of every operating & file system imaginable.
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Vembu BDR Suite

  • Robust Backup Platform
  • Continuous Uninterrupted Operation
  • Immediate & Uncompromising Support
  • Ability to Scale Backups


Backup services make up about a tenth of Digital Information’s current turnover, equaling to about $200K per year. Most importantly, Digital Information AB is now able to offer a robust backup platform to their customers which in turn has enabled them to grow seamlessly and attract high-value customers who have had bad experiences from failed backup solutions.


Digital Information has a highly differentiated customer demand and their backup scheduling was becoming a veritable maze. They considered and tested several platforms and concepts, such as remote backup software from Carbonite, Symantec and Acronis as well as disk and tape-based solutions from Seagate, Synology and NetApp. What they needed was an affordable solution that could:

  • Cope with their technology mix
  • Provide an extremely robust operation and performance

Digital Information Nordic AB is an independent hosting provider and IT consulting company specializing in highly customized SaaS solutions for businesses. They are a stable, employee-owned company based in Sweden and serve customers all over Scandinavia. Their customers range from sole proprietors to large corporations and government agencies. Digital Information’s background in data warehousing makes them a preferred partner for information-intensive companies. The company’s broad experience also allows them to work with virtually every existing platform in the market.


Affordability, scalability and business continuity using Vembu BDR. Digital Information Nordic AB runs 10 primary backup servers and 3 replication servers spread over different locations. Data storage resides on dual SANs. Interconnections are ordinary 1gbit/s copper cabling. Everything is maintained using the BDR NOC application and they are hoping to expand to 12-14 primary servers in 2015. According to Sehlin, “it looks and runs like a $400k setup. No one would guess that it cost a tenth of that, thanks to Vembu Backup”.

When asked what he likes most about the Vembu BDR, Petter, added, “The answer is simple. The first and last thing you need from a backup software is continuous operation and restorable data. Vembu just works! Our 200 customers benefit from the fact that it goes on and on and does exactly what it should”.

Dynamic Support

Vembu support is available anytime a customer needs help with deployments and to troubleshoot issues. Response times are no greater than 15 minutes and everything is resolved over the phone without affecting business continuity.

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