“The Vembu solution has increased Lentner Technology Integrator’s bottom line for cloud backup services from $1 per GB up to $7 per GB. This has proved to be one of the most profitable services in our lineup offered to clients. In total, Vembu BDR has saved our clients an estimated half a million dollars in lost revenue from data loss last year

– Sean Lentner, CIO, Lentner Technology Integrators

Lentner Technology Partners, LLC

Company : IT (Managed Services)
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Vembu BDR Suite
  • Superior product and customer support
  • Increased profitability and significant savings

Vembu BDR has enabled Lentner Technology to offer an affordable cloud backup solution to their clients. They are always in control of where and how the data is stored which gives their clients peace of mind. It also makes for great business since Lentner stays competitive with market pricing while retaining competitive margin regardless of customer size.

About the Lentner Technology Partners, LLC

Lentner Technology Integrators is a managed services provider based in Wilton, CT. They have been servicing the IT related needs of Fairfield and Westchester Counties for over twelve years. Lentner uses a combination of remote and on-site support to meet customer needs. The goal of the company is to provide cost-effective solutions for any business, regardless of size. Their personalized solutions and strategies are developed to meet individual needs and help customers better utilize their IT systems. Lentner handles the IT needs for a large number of client verticals such as, medical offices, law firms, marketing firms, retailers, financial firms, construction companies and so on.

Currently, Lentner deploys Vembu BDR across all their managed services clients. It is used at the file server level to capture all business critical data present for the organization. They have over 100 servers relying on Vembu BDR for protection from data loss. The company has strict onboarding requirements that mandate all new retainer clients to use Vembu BDR to protect vital data repositories.


The majority of Lentner clients were performing their offsite backups with a large cloud backup provider. The company found both the product and customer service of the provider subpar. Sean Lentner, of Lentner Technology Integrators, wanted a solution that could be managed directly by the firm and considered several solutions from RMM providers like nABLE and kaseya. These solutions looked extremely attractive as they removed some implementation and management headaches. After careful review however, Vembu BDR provided much better control and better margins.


Since implementing BDR, Sean has seen an excellent return on investment. “Our clients have enjoyed rock solid data retention, security and retrieval. With the granular control and varied options for different client networks, it is a win-win!”

Vembu BDR was implemented as a replacement to Lentner customers’ current cloud backup solution. They leveraged the AWS (Amazon Cloud) to run both the Vembu server as well as provide affordable and reliable bulk data storage for all the clients’ data. “We feel extremely confident using this configuration due to the reliability of the AWS and having full control of our Vembu backup instances”.

Dynamic Support

Vembu support is available anytime 403tech needs help with deployments and to troubleshoot issues. Response times are no greater than 15 minutes and everything is resolved over the phone without affecting business continuity.

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