“Vembu provides a solid product with great support. The product is constantly updated and new features are added. The support and development teams work hard to assist clients, and are willing to look into feature requests that may benefit the product as a whole.

– Darrian Churchill, IT manager, Epworth School

Epworth School

Industry : Education
Needed a Backup & Recovery solution for mixed environments – Physical and Virtual, to protect large amount of data.
Protected Platforms
Physical Image
Physical File-Level
Vembu BDR Suite

  • Able to perform Image and File Level backup of both Physical & Virtual environment
  • Able to perform file restores successfully, when stuck in disaster
  • Able to create a robust backup topology featuring offsite backup replication

About the Epworth School

Epworth is an independent school headquartered in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa set in scenic 15-hectare grounds on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg. Epworth stands amongst the top schools in the country, catering for all grades from RRR to 12. Their vision is to free the potential in individuals to become relevant, resilient and ethical leaders who contribute to our ever-changing world.


Epworth School required a solution to protect their data as they have a mixture of physical and virtual workload. Being a school, the data they deal with is quite heavy. So they understood the importance to have a backup and looked for a solution that can meet the needs of their mixed workload.


When doing research into a more robust backup platform, Epworth School found Vembu as the best choice at the time, as it supports backup of physical servers, and virtual servers whereas competing solutions were focused on virtual environments.

Ever since implementing Vembu’s solution, Epworth School was able to successfully backup their data, as well as create a robust backup topology featuring offsite backup replication. Also after vembu’s entry, we have been stuck thrice in disaster, and we were in need to restore file backups and have been successful in recovering each time. Without Vembu, we would have been obviously in a messed up situation as recovering so much of valuable data would have costed us an enormous amount of time and cost.

About Support

Vembu’s support has been phenomenal and the support team also has been working tirelessly to fix any problems we have had, promptly and professionally.

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