Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory

Vembu offers FREE explorer tool for Microsoft Active Directory to recover individual Activity Directory Objects and OUs (Organizational Units) instantly without recovering entire VM or physical machine.
Active Directory

Key Features

Vembu Explorer for Active Directory helps restoring following items instantly from VMware Backup, Hyper-V Backup and Disk Image Backup:
  • Restore user accounts with password
  • Restore Group Policy Objects (GPOs)
  • Restore Microsoft DNS Records
  • Configuration Partition Objects and lot more..
  • Supports exporting containers as .ldf format
  • Restore the selected containers in same or different machines
  • Restore or export multiple objects at same time

How it works

Vembu offers business continuity and high availability for Microsoft Active Directory Servers as part of Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. Vembu VMBackup offers agentless backup and disaster recovery solution for Microsoft Active Directory servers deployed in virtual environments like VMware or Hyper-V and Vembu ImageBackup helps to backup the Microsoft Active Directory Server deployed in physical environments. Vembu backs up the entire VM or physical machine including OS, applications and other files.

So, if source Active Directory server is unreachable due to system crash or major disaster, you can recover the VM or physical machine instantly using Quick VM Recovery feature on VMware or Hyper-V. Then, you can permanently recover the source VM to VMware or Hyper-V by using Full VM Recovery feature or to a new physical machine by using bare-metal recovery feature.

IT admins might run into a situation, where any individual user account and GPO might get corrupted or deleted accidentally. In this scenario, recovering entire VM or physical machine takes more time and resources. Also, this is not an ideal recovery option. So, by using Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory, you can explore the Active Directory database and instantly recover granular items.

  • In order to recover the individual objects from VMware Backup, Hyper-V Backup or Disk Image Backup that contain Active Directory objects, the VM or physical disk should be virtually mounted in disk management of the BDR backup server machine
  • You can install Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory in BDR backup server machine or any other Windows machines. Then you need to select the Active Directory database from the mounted location to list the objects, GPO and etc.
  • You can either restore the individual objects to the same Active Directory server or different AD server