Vembu ImageBackup

Backup Solution for Windows Servers, Desktops and Laptops
Vembu ImageBackup offers comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for Windows IT environment. It backs up entire disk image of Windows Servers, Desktops and Laptops including operating system, applications and files. During system crash or any major disaster, Bare-metal Recovery (BMR) helps to recover the backed up Windows machines into same or different hardware. Additionally, Vembu ImageBackup helps you to migrate the Windows Servers and Workstations from physical environment to VMware or Hyper-V environment (P2V).

Vembu ImageBackup

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Supported Platforms

Vembu ImageBackup supports from Windows 2008 SP2, Windows 7 and above.

Vembu ImageBackup Architecture

  • To backup Windows Servers, Desktops and Laptops, install the Vembu ImageBackup agent on each Windows machines
  • Upon configuring backup job, Vembu ImageBackup initiates Microsoft VSS to take snapshot of the selected disks or full machine and it transfers the used blocks to the Vembu BDR backup server
Vembu ImageBackup Architecture
  • The blocks will be compressed and encrypted before it leaves the source Windows machine
  • The backup data will be further compressed before storing it in the storage repositories
  • Vembu ImageBackup agent installs Vembu’s proprietary Changed Block Tracking driver to track the changes after full backup and as per the incremental scheduling frequency, the changes will be transferred to the storage repositories

Success stories from our Customers

Lee Wong, The Mackie Group

“Vembu ensures availability of our core productions systems that support Mackie’s business operations

Alan Morris, Ceredigion County Council

“Vembu have been a valued partner since starting to use the product around 5 years ago

Phong Lam, Zecontech, Inc

“We have used Vembu product for years, starting with its hybrid-cloud backup solutions

Feature Highlights

Changed Block Tracking

During incremental backup, Vembu’s proprietary driver tracks the blocks that have changed, rather than backing up every block. This helps to improve the performance of incrementals by reducing the size of the increment data to be sent.

Changed Block Tracking

Application aware Backup

Application-aware process is to create consistent database snapshots by quiescing the applications using Microsoft VSS

This option allows you to stop the backup if any one of application writers (Eg: MS Exchange Writer) are in an unstable state or if VSS writers are not processed successfully after the snapshot

Along with application consistency, it will truncate the logs based on the configuration

Application Aware Backups

Efficient Storage Management

Vembu BDR Backup Server utilizes VembuHIVE™ file system to effectively manage storage repositories. VembuHIVE™ is an efficient cloud file system designed for large-scale backup and disaster recovery application with support for advanced use-cases. VembuHIVE™ can be defined as a File System for File Systems.

  • Supports SAN, NAS and DAS
  • Automatically scale up/out the storage devices
  • In-built version control and error correction
  • In-built Compression and encryption

>> Know more about Efficient Storage Management


Automatic Backup Verification

Backup data should be recoverable. If not, it is worthless. Vembu provides the ability to run automatic backup verification for all backed up Windows Servers, Desktops and Laptops.

Backup verification can be automated to run post completion of every backup schedule or once in a day.

In the process, booting of backed up Windows Servers will be carried out and screenshot of boot screen will be captured. This screenshot details will be sent to administrators via email.

Automatic Backup Verification

Bare-metal Recovery

Bare-metal Recovery helps you to restore the crashed Windows Servers, Desktops and Laptops back to source hardware or new RAW hardware by using Vembu Recovery CD.

Bare-metal Recovery

Quick VM Recovery

Quick VM Recovery helps you to instantly recover Windows Servers, Desktops and Laptops on Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and KVM during disaster. So, you can just start using the instantly recovered VMs and once you are ready with your source machine, you can restore the recovered VM along with the modifications.

Quick VM Recovery

P2V Converter

Having plan to migrate your Windows Server and Workstations from physical IT environment to virtual environments like VMware and Hyper-V ? Looking for a cost-effective solution with less downtime offering and less workload? Vembu has an in built solution to all your migration plans. Vembu supports instant creation of VMDK, VHD and RAW files for backed up Windows Servers; So that IT Admins can instantly start migrating the Windows Servers and Workstations from physical to virtual environments (P2V).

p2v converter

Backup Storage Pool

Storage Pools are used to aggregate the space available from different volumes and utilise them as a storage for specific backups. The hybrid volume manager of Vembu BDR Server supports scalable and extendable backup storage for different storage media such as Local drives, NAS(NFS and CIFS) and SAN(iSCSI and FC).

>> Know more about Backup Storage Pool

Backup Storage Pool

OffsiteDR Seed Migration

Offsite seed migration makes use of local storage drive to migrate the backup data from the local BDR server to an offsite server for the purpose of disaster recovery. As transferring the data using a local storage medium will reduce the bandwidth requirement and also the time required to transfer the data.

>> Know more about OffsiteDR Seed Migration

OffsiteDR Seed Migration

Disk Management Mount

Disk management mount is an unique recovery feature of Vembu BDR Suite for VM & Windows Server backups, which will virtually mount the backed up data on the disk management of the local machine and users can granularly recover the required files instantly from the mounted virtual disks.

>> Know more about Disk Management Mount

Disk Management Mount

User Defined Password for Backup Data Encryption

The Backed up data can be protected from unauthorized access by providing a password which ensures additional security alongside the default AES-256 bit encryption.

>> Know more about Password Manager

Password Protected Backups

Windows Server and Workstation Backup

Users can configure and manage the disk image backups for any number of Physical and Virtual Windows Server directly from the Vembu BDR Server console without any physical access to the target machine.

>> Know more about Windows Server Backup configuration

Windows Server and Workstation Backup

Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Exchange

Vembu offers FREE explorer tool for Microsoft Exchange to restore the entire exchange database or individual mailboxes and emails instantly without restoring the full Windows Server.

  • Instantly restore the mailboxes, emails, notes, contacts, etc. from EDB file without restoring the entire server or database
  • Ability to explore and search the exchange databases
  • Restore deleted or corrupted mailboxes or emails
  • Supports exporting mailboxes or emails into .pst format. Later you can use the .pst file to import the mailboxes or emails into Microsoft Outlook
Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Exchange

Vembu Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server

Vembu offers FREE explorer tool for Microsoft SQL Server to restore the individual databases or tables instantly without restoring the full Windows Server.

  • Restore entire databases to specific point-in-time
  • Restore individual database or table instantly from SQL Server backup
  • Supports restoring the databases or tables to same or different SQL Server
  • Supports exporting the structure or schema of the selecting object’s
  • Export the schema and data of the selecting object’s
  • You can either export the records into XLS or SQL format and later you can import the data into MSSQL Server Management Studio
Vembu Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server

Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory

Vembu offers FREE explorer tool for Microsoft Active Directory to restore the individual Activity Directory Objects and OUs (Organizational Units) instantly without restoring the full Windows Server.

Restore following items instantly from the backup job:

  • User accounts with password
  • Restore user accounts with password
  • Restore Group Policy Objects (GPOs)
  • Restore Microsoft DNS Records
  • Configuration Partition Objects and lot more..
  • Supports exporting containers as .ldf format
  • Restore the selected containers in same or different machines
  • Restore or export multiple objects at same time
Vembu Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory

Vembu Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint

Vembu offers FREE explorer tool for Microsoft SharePoint to restore the entire SharePoint service or individual SharePoint sites, documents, libraries and lists instantly without restoring the full Windows Server.

  • Ability to browse Microsoft SharePoint database without restoring the entire server or database
  • Supports exporting individual items such as sites, documents, libraries and lists
  • Restore SharePoint sites to the same or different machine
Vembu Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint

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