Full VM Recovery to ESXi Host or vCenter Server

Full VM Recovery is one of the recovery options which helps you to restore the backed-up VMware virtual machines to the same or different ESXi host or vCenter server. Upon initiating the recovery process by using this option, the full backed-up VM data will be permanently restored from storage targets to the datastore.

Choose the Restore Type

How it works

After VM crash or any disaster, if you would like to instantly recover your backed up VMs, you can use Quick VM Recovery option. Then, once you are ready for permanent recovery, you can use Full VM Recovery option to recover the crashed VMs along with persistent data which is created after instant recovery.

Vembu uses anyone of the following data transfer mode based on the deployment scenario while restoring the backup data to the datastore.

  • Direct SAN mode
  • Hot-add mode
  • Network mode

Direct SAN mode: If VMware ESXi hosts, datastores, BDR backup server and backup storage targets are deployed in SAN environment, Vembu uses SAN transport mode during restore process and it utilizes FC SAN or iSCSI SAN to transfer the VM data.

Hot-add mode: If BDR backup server or VMBackup proxy is deployed as a VM on the ESXi host or vCenter server, after initiating the Full VM Restore process, empty disks will be attached with the BDR backup server or VMBackup proxy and VM data will be directly restored to the attached disks. Once VM data is completely restored to the attached disks, it will be then reattached to the recovered VMs.

Network mode: If BDR backup server or VMBackup proxy is installed in an isolated environment, the BDR backup server or VMBackup proxy will read the VM data from storage target and then it will be written to the target VMs through LAN connection.

  • Also, you can either restore the backed-up VM to the same or different ESXi host/vCenter Server
  • While restoring the VM data to vCenter, you should specify the target datacenter and datastore information
  • White initiating the restore process, you can enable the option to automatically power on the VM after completing the restore the process

Product Screenshots

Live Restore
Select the recovery point to restore the full VM to a target VMware ESXi host or vCenter server.
Choose the Restore Data
Select the VMs along with disks which needs to be permanently restored to a target ESXi host or vCenter server.
Update the target ESXi host or vCenter server along with datacenter and datastore details to restore the VM data permanently.

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