Download as VHD and VHDX

Download as VHD and VHDX is one of the recovery options offered by Vembu BDR Suite which helps to migrate the VMs from VMware vSphere environment and Windows Servers, Desktops deployed in physical environment to Microsoft Hyper-V.

Download as VHD and VHDX

How it works

Vembu developed its own filesystem VembuHIVE to store and manage the backup data. With the help of VembuHIVE filesystem, VHD, VHDX, VMDK, Flat.VMDK and RAW image files will be virtually created for every backed-up virtual and physical machines. So, you can simply move the VHD or VHDX files to Hyper-V storage to permanently migrate physical and virtual machines.
  • Vembu injects required drivers while creating virtual VHD and VHDX image files
  • Before migrating the physical and VMs from other hypervisors, you can test the integrity of the VHD and VHDX by mounting the vembu virtual drive as Hyper-V storage by using SMB share. Once you are satisfied with the VM performance, you can permanently move the VHD or VHDX to the Hyper-V storage
  • Supports migrating all Windows and Linux VMs from VMware to Hyper-V environment
  • Supports migrating all Windows Servers and Desktops deployed in physical environment and the Windows VM from other hypervisors like KVM, Xen and etc

Product Screenshots

Choose the Restore Version
Select the recovery point before starting to convert the physical or virtual machine into VHD or VHDX.
Choose the Restore Location and Format for Restore
Select the target hyper-v storage location and select the virtual disk type.

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