Vembu VMBackup for VMware and Hyper-V

An Intuitive & Agentless backup solution for your sophisticated & virtualized IT environments

VMware Backup

Vembu VMBackup delivers reliable and consistent backups with recovery points that span months and years. Protect your business critical servers running on VMware vSphere environments with an intuitive UI that addresses complex use cases with simple configurations. Built to pursue efficiency in data protection cost-effectively, without compromising on delivering enterprise level functionalities.

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Vembu VMBackup Standard Edition
Configuring VMware Backup

Host Level VMware Backup

Easily create a host-level backup of VMware VMs

  • Without installing any agent inside each VM
  • Near continuous data protection
  • Manage backups from a single console

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VM Replication

Virtual Machines may crash, but business must go on. Ensure high availability of your VMs by:

  • Replicating VMs to another ESXi host
  • Instantly launching the replicated VMs in case of failure of production VM
  • Automatically map network and IP address to the replicated VMs

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VM Replication
Backup Integrity Check

Backup Verification

You can’t ensure business continuity just by backing up your VMs. You should be able to recover them. Vembu VMbackup automatically verifies the:

  • Bootability of your backed up VMs
  • Mountability of the backed up virtual disks
  • Integrity of the backup data

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If you are a small business, then Vembu BDR Essentials would be a perfect solution to cut down your expenses.

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Hyper-V Backup

Creating a virtual machine by setting up a Hyper-V server is easy but creating a backup policy for the VMs is arduous. Vembu VMBackup makes it effortless with its simple and intuitive UI that can handle diverse scenarios. It provides efficient backups that addresses all your current problems and your future requirements. With verified, application-consistent and instantly recoverable backups, Vembu VMBackup acts as a cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery solution for your Hyper-V environment.

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Configuring Hyper-V Backup

Host Level Hyper-V Backup

Protect your Hyper-V environment without any complexities

  • Agentless backups
  • Supports VMs in Cluster Shared Volumes and Windows SMB share
  • Direct restore to same or different platform

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Changed Block Tracking (CBT)

Backing up your entire machine every time is not a smart way to use resources and storage

  • Track block level changes
  • Backup only the changed blocks
  • Save Storage

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Change Block Tracking
Application-aware Settings

Application-aware Settings

When an application backup is successful, it does not necessarily mean that the database is consistent. Upgrade your data protection by:

  • Ensuring application consistency
  • Automatically truncate the transaction logs

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Are you a Service Provider ?

Grow your revenue by offering BaaS and DRaaS using Vembu BDR Suite
Built for CSPs, MSPs, HSPs and other Solution / Service Providers with multi-tenancy, centralized monitoring and reporting features
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Other Features of Vembu VMBackup

RPO and RTO less than 15 mins

Even a disaster shouldn’t disrupt your business. Limit your downtime to minutes by instantly launching your replicated data center and running business critical applications during the disaster.

Backup Integrity Test

You can’t ensure business continuity just by backing up your VMs. You have to be able to recover them. Vembu VMbackup verifies your backups automatically for you and sends you the boot image of the VMs over e-mail.

Quick VM Recovery

Minimize the downtime of the critical VMs by recovering it instantly on any hypervisors like VMware ESXi, Hyper-V and KVM.

Instant File Level Recovery

Perform granular level restores of your backed up files and folders without processing the entire backup data.

Vembu Universal Explorer

View and selectively restore the individual items of your business critical application (Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Active Directory and SharePoint) directly from the backup data.

VMware Disk Level Restore

Restore only the required disks from the backup to the same VM or different one without restoring the full VM.

Failover & Failback

Failover the production VM to the replica during disaster and recover along with the changes to the source host during Failback.

Cross Hypervisor Migration (V2V)

Migrate the backed up Virtual Machines from one hypervisor to another of your choice without any hassle.

Efficient Storage Management

Vembu developed VembuHIVE – file system designed for large scale backup and disaster recovery applications with support for in-built compression, encryption deduplication.

Backup Storage Pool

Use multiple storage targets. Use different storage media. Aggregate the space available to form storage pools. Select the required storage pools for specific backups.

OffsiteDR Seed Migration

Prevent data migration that might eat into your network and clog your bandwidth by transferring the data using a local storage medium and migrating the incrementals over network.

Disk Management Mount

Recover the required files instantly, by virtually mounting the backup data on the Disk Management service.

Native Tape Backup Support

Replicate your backup data to Tape Storage for long term archival and disaster recovery purposes thus effectively implementing 3-2-1 backup strategy.

Backup-level encryption

Surge your data security measures by encrypting each of your backup jobs with separate encryption passwords that need to be entered while restoring or modifying the jobs.

Building Virtual Labs from Storage Repositories

Create your own virtual lab. Launch backed up machines directly from storage repositories on Hyper-V or ESXi. Test virtual/physical machines without affecting the production environment and without using additional storage.

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We have been using Vembu for years and the BDR suite is an example of the excellent software we have come to expect from Vembu. It has the features we are looking for, but most important of all, it is stable. We tried multiple vendors through the years until we finally came across his company. We stayed with them because when we need to do a restore and when we do our routine check, the backups of run in the data is there.

We have used other backup/DR tools in the past which have always failed when you need them most, we ended up doing the backups manually which became too much. We then found and tested Vembu and It’s so easy to use, we can connect remotely to keep an eye on the tasks and the whole setup is a joy to use. Support is also fantastic, they are quick at responding and very helpful and informative.

All companies are looking to keep their data safe and secure, with Vembu ensuring that our data was protected with an efficient backup solution. Vembu is an ally with regard to backup security. The tool is very practical and easy to access the settings. A good application and reference in backup software. Meets the needs of diverse IT environments, thus ensuring business continuity.

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