Offsite Replication to Vembu Cloud

Vembu offers an additional data protection to the businesses of any kind by allowing the service providers to copy the backed up data to the Vembu cloud residing on AWS. Using Vembu CloudDR, the backed up data of their clients will be replicated directly from the BDR server to the Vembu Cloud as a redundant copy. With this option, the service provider can now safeguard the data of their customer in a highly secured Vembu cloud. They can restore the replicated data directly from the Vembu cloud in case of backup server crash or hardware failure, anywhere anytime with minimalistic downtime.
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Offsite Replication to Vembu Cloud

How it works:

It is difficult for a service provider to restore the data of their trusted customer, if the backup server containing the critical data of their customer got corrupted or the hardware of the backup server got failed due to any disaster. Vembu CloudDR works as a secondary storage unit to safeguard the replicated data from the Vembu BDR server.
  • Vembu CloudDR can be easily configured from the BDR server easily with few clicks and seamlessly transfer the backed up data
  • The backed up data will be replicated to Vembu Cloud through WAN and the replicated data will be periodically synced to ensure the latest changes
  • The replicated data will be compressed and encrypted to reduce the storage consumption and increase the security against the threats
  • The entire backup server can be rebuilt from scratch with the help of replicated data from CloudDR within few minutes
  • Pricing for CloudDR is highly affordable and works by pay-as-you-go policy. Just $0.05/GB/Month and will be billed each month based on what you use