Linux Servers

Comprehensive Backup Solution for Linux Server Environment

Most of the organizations run Linux servers in their data centers for various purposes. Protecting the Linux servers from unexpected system failure or any disaster is not an easy process. Hence, Vembu has developed a simple yet powerful backup solution for Linux Servers. Offering agents for all RedHat and Debian based flavors.

Linux Backup

File and Application Level Backup

Vembu offers agents for backing up the files and other application data from Linux Servers.
Single solution for all types of backups – Backup selected or all files/folders from Linux Servers to the BDR backup server. During system failure or any disaster, the individual or all files can be restored to the same or different machines
MySQL Database Backup – Backup MySQL databases by using MySQL backup option with Vembu. It helps to backup all or selected MySQL database from Linux Servers
File/Folder Filters – You can apply your own filters while backing up the entire volume from the Linux Servers. So, you can exclude or include specific files from the backup job
Incremental Backup – After successful full backup, only the modified data will be backed up to the backup server. It will reduce the data transfer over LAN/WAN and improve the incremental backup performance
Automatic Backup Schedules – While setting up the backup job, the IT Admins can configure the incremental backup scheduling frequency. Based on the incremental backup configuration, the backup job will schedule automatically without any manual intervention
Continuous Data Protection – Vembu provides an option to run the incremental backup job continuously. All the modifications are immediately backed up to the storage targets
Continue from Where It Left Off – This feature will help to resume the interrupted backup job from where it left off. Only the remaining data will be transferred to the storage targets after any interruption without having to start over again.
Web based GUI for easy management – Most of the Linux Servers may not have GUI and it will be managed from the command line. Hence Vembu provides Web based GUI to manage the backup and restore activities of Linux Servers. You can access the Vembu console from any web browsers using the ip address of the Linux Server and you can create and manage the backup jobs from the web GUI
Retention Policy – Version and time based retention policies help to retain the modifications for a longer period. So, IT Admins can keep the multiple versions of the backed up files for longer duration based on their requirement
On-premises Backup – Vembu allows IT Admins to backup the data to their local storage targets. So, the backed up data will be available on the same data center. Optionally, it can be either replicated to Vembu Cloud (hosted in AWS) or their own offsite data center
Offsite or Remote Backup – With Vembu, the Linux Server data can be backed up directly to the offsite data center without keeping the local dump. IT Admins having Remote Office/Branch Office environments can backup the Linux Server data directly to their remote office from branch offices
Cloud Backup – IT Admins those who do not own a sophisticated data center to store the Linux Server data can use Vembu Cloud (hosted in AWS) for backup and restore purpose

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We have been using Vembu for years and the BDR suite is an example of the excellent software we have come to expect from Vembu. It has the features we are looking for, but most important of all, it is stable. We tried multiple vendors through the years until we finally came across his company. We stayed with them because when we need to do a restore and when we do our routine check, the backups of run in the data is there.

We have used other backup/DR tools in the past which have always failed when you need them most, we ended up doing the backups manually which became too much. We then found and tested Vembu and It’s so easy to use, we can connect remotely to keep an eye on the tasks and the whole setup is a joy to use. Support is also fantastic, they are quick at responding and very helpful and informative.

All companies are looking to keep their data safe and secure, with Vembu ensuring that our data was protected with an efficient backup solution. Vembu is an ally with regard to backup security. The tool is very practical and easy to access the settings. A good application and reference in backup software. Meets the needs of diverse IT environments, thus ensuring business continuity.

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