Instant File Recovery

When it comes to performing the recovery of image data, there arises a compulsion for the users to recover the entire backup which occupies an enormous amount of storage space at the target location. However, the user might not need to recover the entire backed up data, when only specific files or folders are required to be recovered from backed up machines. Vembu provides instant File Recovery option for the users to restore specific files and folder of their choice directly the UI.
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How it works

You may want to recover some files and folders which were mistakenly deleted on the source VMs or physical machines. Since the VMware Backup, Hyper-V Backup and Physical Image Backup normally backs up the full system or VM image by using the snapshot technologies, recovering the individual files and folders from the backup data was only possible by recovering entire VMs or physical machines and it was tedious process earlier. Now, you can instantly restore the individual files and folders of the image based backup without recovering entire VMs or physical machines.

Once the Instant File Recovery option is initiated, BDR backup server will list the version and the files/folders directly in the console from where you can select as per requirement. Then you can recover the required files and folders.

  • To perform Instant File Recovery, the BDR backup server should be installed in Windows machine
  • Login to the BDR backup server machine to recover the files and folders from the backed up VMs and physical machines
  • Choose the required version and the Files/Folders you want to restore
  • Select the location you want your data to be restored. Restoring location can either be a local drive or a network shared drive
  • If the user wants to zip and protect the data, the Compressed Restore Files option can be enabled
  • Once done configuring , the user can review the details and proceed with the recovery
  • You can search by using windows explorer search option, If you are not aware about the particular file location
  • You can use Quick VM Recovery feature to recover files and folders from Linux and other OS

Product Screenshots

Choose the Restore Version
Before initiating the file level recovery process, need to select the recovery point.
File Level Recovery Drive
Once the backed up VMs and physical machines disk are mounted and exposed as local drive, you can simply copy the required files and folders.

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