End Point Backup

IT Managers of small and medium businesses are realigning and adopting to cloud backup solutions built from the ground up for protecting their servers, applications and desktops/laptops. Vembu’s Cloud Backup Solution is one of the leading and preferred option for protecting your data center.

Key Features

Backup to multiple locations

Endpoint backup provisions data protection and backup to multiple locations for accessibility, availability and protection of business critical data.

Data Security

With enterprise-grade AES 256-bit encryption the endpoint backup identifies changed blocks, handles compressions and further provides highly secure encryption , both at-rest and in-flight even before backing it up.

Seamless cloud restores

Easily restore files from our cloud based on date, time or incrementals. Our cloud backups and seamless cloud restore are robust, secure and reliable.

Multi-Platform data protection

Total protection across multiple platforms like Mac, Windows and Linux. All of it managed within a centralized console.

Accessibility to backup mobile files

Backup and synchronize your mobile files with our mobile friendly apps from the iOS and Android. Endpoint data protection simplified.

Data seeding for cloud backup

Vembu OnlineBackup utilizes Amazon AWS Import/Export functionality to seed large amount of data into our cloud using portable storage devices like USB drive.