There has been an expanding growth in the need for the provision of security features for data, especially in the present scenario of data getting stored and shared on the cloud. So all we need is a better data protection solution that can safeguard all our data and provide quick recovery options in the event of a disaster. This market is growing tremendously providing services to the data archiving segment which includes companies and small and medium businesses who store a great deal of sensitive and confidential information on their computer systems.

A Service Provider, who provides Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) are bound to manage all their business clients and customers with an absolute best backup and recovery solution. Vembu BDR Suite backup and Recovery solution provides special features and benefits for the Service Providers and ensures that you make the right decisions which will boost your business as well as your client satisfaction.

Group Management is a feature for Service Providers introduced in the latest version of Vembu BDR Suite v3.7.0. By using this feature Service providers can group all their customers’ data at a client/backup level or VM level, into individual and different groups. And Service Providers can also provide the Web UI access to their customers so that they can monitor their backup jobs individually and do restore of files and application data.

To avail this feature the Service Providers just need to register their Vembu BDR Server/OffsiteDR Server with Vembu Portal. Once done registering, the user can enable the Group Management (SP feature) to their respective Vembu BDR Server/OffsiteDR Server from the “Server Info” tab in Vembu Portal account. Once the SP feature is enabled user need to run license check from Vembu BDR or Vembu OffsiteDR server to fetch the SP feature status.

Storage Management

Highlights Of Group Management


Vembu BDR Suite’s Group Management provides ultimate multi-tenancy feature for the Service Providers that ensures an additional layer of backup data management for the customer at BDR server level. Using this feature, the service provider can group their customer data under a tenant name. This feature ensures backup job of one particular client or customer cannot be interfered by other clients. This helps Service Provider to monitor customer data with priority based on SLA and severity by assigning a dedicated agent to monitor the backup progress. Also with this, Service Provider will have a track on a single customer plugin and storage usage in centralized BDR server deployments.

User Web Access Privileges

The created groups/Tenant can be given web access to the Vembu BDR backup server. The customer can use this web access credentials to log in to the centrally deployed BDR backup server and can monitor/restore the backed-up data. This web access can be set to view only in future release for backup management purpose.

Create web access

Group Mapping

Group mapping option allows service providers to group customer data at three levels, as client/backup level and VM level in BDR backup server. In OffsiteDR server, the service provider is having an option to group the customers’ data at BDR server level.

In client/backup level grouping, the tree structure will list all clients added under the particular server listing clients as parent nodes, and the backups under each client as sub-nodes under each client. You can add any number of clients and backups under a particular group to be created.

Also at VM level irrespective of client and backup, The Virtual machine under any client can be grouped under single tenant at priority based for monitoring purpose.

Group mapping

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