Advanced Reporting

Businesses and IT environments face the challenge of Reporting & Monitoring on their entire backup environment. Vembu BDR360 provides you with a simple yet efficient view of this environment through a simple interface. This includes reporting of all your backup statuses at both server and client level. Vembu increased the reporting capabilities with events and alarms which help the service providers to proactively monitor, identify and manage problems when they arise. Different types of reports ensure the visibility of business objectives and help to reduce the occurrence of backup issues. Service providers can now easily monitor all their clients backup status reports using single Vembu BDR360 console.
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Advanced Reporting

All Reports

Vembu BDR360 offers all type of backup reports for the Administrators to manage their client and server backups individually. It provides Server Information Reports, Client Information Reports, Individual Backup Status Reports, VM level Reports, Image Verification Reports and Calendar View Reports of both Vembu BDR and Offsite BDR Server.
Server Information Report – This report provides the information about the backup server machine details, like machine name, OS details
Client Information Report – This report provides the information about the client machine details, like machine name, OS details and VMBackup/Network Backup build versions
Backup Status Report – This report provides the information about the historical backup status, whether the backups getting success or not from all the backup servers. Also, provides deleted and restored backup status as well
VM level Reports – Reports are generated for every VM and its availability state. This report shows the clear and detailed picture of configured VM status for every backup job performed and also provides the status of the particular VM machine i.e whether it is fully protected or not
Image Verification Report – Get the disk image backup verification report of the physical or virtual machine, which will have the snapshot of the console after mounting the backup in a machine. Also, this report provides the BDR Server’s mount and boot status for the backed up VMs
Calendar View Report – Backup reports for any particular day or a particular week. Categorize each day as failure, success or warning based on the backup jobs’ health for that day