VMware Backup – SAN Transport Mode

Vembu VMBackup auto selects data transport modes based on VMware backup configuration and SAN Transport Mode is chosen predominantly when the backup proxy runs on a physical machine and virtual disks to be backed up are stored on Fibre channel SAN or iSCSI SAN storage environment. SAN Transport Mode provides the fastest transport method available to backup SAN connected ESXi host environment with lesser resource utilization.

VMware Backup SAN Transport Mode

How it works:

Vembu VMBackup uses VMware VADP to backup and replicate virtual machines present in an ESXi host. In SAN Transport Mode, source datastores are accessed as local disks by adding them to disk management of physical machine in which backup proxy runs. This increases the transfer rate at which data is being sent to backup server.
  • To initiate Direct SAN access, Vembu VMBackup and ESXi hosts should gain access to SAN datastore
  • Source datastores should be of VMFS file system
  • SAN Transport Mode supports LAN free data transfer