VMware Backup – HotAdd Transport Mode

Vembu VMBackup auto selects data transport modes based on VMware backup configuration and HotAdd mode is selected primarily when the backup proxy is a virtual machine and have access to datastore of source VM to be backed up. HotAdd Transport Mode provides a LAN-free data transfer which significantly reduce overhead in highly dynamic environments.

VMware HotAdd Transport mode

How it works:

In HotAdd transport mode, virtual disks will be accessed as local disks for efficient data transfer to Vembu BDR Server. Backup proxy will then read the locally attached disks and transfer backup data to Vembu BDR Server. This drastically improves backup speed since disks are backed up from local environment
  • ESXi host where proxy is running on must have access to source datastore to perform backup
  • To backup/replicate multiple VMs running under a particular host using HotAdd transport mode, Vembu VMBackup client should be installed in a VM running under that backup host
  • The source disks should be SCSI to perform HotAdd
  • Agentless backup support – eliminates proxy installation on individual VMs for backup