Download Vembu BDR Suite v5.0 BETA

Vembu BDR Suite v5.0 BETA is available for download now. We recommend installing Vembu BDR Suite v5.0 Beta to experience the new features and enhancements.
Note: This is not a GA release and not intended to be used in production environments. Kindly read the release notes for more information.

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Vembu BDR Backup Server – v5.0 Beta

Platform Download
windows Windows (64-bit Only)

Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, Windows 10*


v5.0 Beta(5002021070123)
  • Windows 10 recommended for evaluation purposes only. You may experience minor installation or environment-specific issues as some of the required services and device policies may not be installed or enabled in Windows 10

What’s new in Vembu BDR Suite v5.0?

Hyper-V VM Replication

You can now replicate your Hyper-V VMs from one host to another. In the event of a disaster or system crash, you may simply failover your production workloads to the replica VMs and continue your company operations.

Instant Boot Live Migration

VMs instantly booted from the backup repository can be fully restored in the background without any downtime. This will help you instantly restore a production VM when it is down and start using it in production as the full VM is being restored in the background.

Parallel VM Processing

Vembu now supports parallel backup of multiple VMs/disks in a single host. You can customize the number of backup jobs and the number of VMs/disks in a single backup job that can run in parallel from the BDR Backup Server GUI.

Rotated Drives as Backup Repository

Vembu now supports setting up rotated drives as the primary backup repository. This will help you to use multiple external hard drives to store the backup data and swap them on a regular basis.

Optimized Backup with Where-it-left-off

BDR Suite 5.0 supports the Where-it-left-of feature, which enables the image-based backup data to run more efficiently even if there is network failure or other interruptions during backup. Whenever a backup restarts from an interruption, the backup will automatically start from where it left off during the previous schedule. This feature can greatly improve backup performance even when there are frequent network failures especially in WANs.

Synthetic Full Backup

Synthetic full backups are created in the backup repository by merging the full backup and all subsequent incremental backups in the backup repository itself, instead of running an additional full backup. It reduces the time and bandwidth usage over the network for creating multiple full backups in the backup repository.

GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) Retention

BDR Suite 5.0 now supports GFS retention to create restore points on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. GFS restore points are always tied to an Additional Full Backup or a Synthetic Full Backup.

Backup Job Template

Backup templates can be created using frequently used backup configuration settings or as per some predefined backup policies. You can utilize these templates to create new backup jobs quickly.

Multi-host Backup Support

BDR Suite 5.0 supports backup jobs with multiple-hosts in a single job and you can always configure running backup for different hosts/VMs inside a job to run in parallel thus improving backup performance.

Application Item-level Recovery from web GUI

BDR Suite 5.0 supports item level recovery for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and AD from BDR Backup Server web GUI. Any restore point can be selected and individual items can be recovered within minutes.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online Backup

Vembu Backup for Microsoft 365 now supports the backup and recovery of the entire sites, web collections, individual files, folders and entire document libraries of SharePoint Online.

Microsoft 365 Teams Backup

Vembu Backup for Microsoft 365 now supports the backup and recovery of the conversations, chats, planner, tasks, etc. of Microsoft 365 Teams.

Backup for Google Workspace

BDR Suite 5.0 also includes Backup for Google Workspace with support for backup of Mails, Google Drive, Contacts, Calendar etc

Backup for AWS

BDR Suite 5.0 now supports agentless and application-consistent backup of AWS EC2 instances.
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