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Built for CSPs, MSPs, HSPs and other Solution / Service Providers
Vembu BDR Suite is designed to enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and other Service Providers (ISPs and Hosting Providers) to provide backup and DR services to their clients at an affordable cost. Vembu BDR is a powerful, comprehensive and secure backup & DR software which is very easy to setup, configure and administer.
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Highlights of Vembu BDR Suite for Service Providers

Vembu BDR Suite offers a comprehensive and affordable Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) platform for Managed Service Providers, Managed Hosting Providers and other Solution / Service Providers to boost their customer base and revenues by enhancing their managed services offering to their business customers.
  • Simplified multi-tenant and multi-user backups
  • Comprehensive BDR solution for On-Premise backup, Remote Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • Generate recurring revenue with additional backup services to your existing hosting customers. Use this value-add service to attract new customers
  • Instant Restore slashes recovery time and enables fast disaster recovery of virtual and physical machines
  • Customer management features include easy invoicing to keep track of your accounts and generate periodical invoices with minimum administration time
  • Comprehensive configuration management ensures automated, scheduled backups
  • Events & alarm management features enable quick troubleshooting to avoid downtime
  • Easy to use browser based web console enables remote monitoring of backups

Success stories from our Service Providers

DH International
“DH International teams up with Vembu for providing secure backup service to their clients across various locations
Merrimac Solutions
Merrimac Solutions
“Vembu helps build a cost effective backup solution for Merrimac’s SMB and enterprise customers
Technology Management Inc
“Technology Management, Inc partners with Vembu for a winning business solution

Easy Management and Administration

All-in-one Backup Solution – One stop solution for managed backup service and DRaaS needs. Vembu provides entire image level backup for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Physical Windows servers as well as desktops. It also provides granular level backups such as File/Folder backup and Application backups
Hierarchical Management Structure – Web portal enables all parties to have customizable “self-service” management access for their backup deployments. End-users can access and administer their backups, run restores, and download restored files through the management portal.
Clustering & Load Balancing – BDR and OffsiteDR server installations can be configured into a cluster, and new backup servers can be dynamically added to handle increased loads. This ensures effective and reliable scalability, without affecting production environment.
Multitenancy – You can provide access to the backup system by grouping the VMs and physical machines to your customers. So, each customer can manage the backup jobs and perform recovery when required.
Efficient Storage Management – You can use any kind of storage devices such as SAN, NAS and DAS for storage purpose and Vembu supports all such filesystems. Also, you can easily scale-out the storage devices based on storage utilization
Advanced Reporting & Centralized Management – Increased reporting capabilities with events and alarms help service providers proactively monitor, identify, and manage problems when they develop from centralized management console.
Vembu Portal for Service Providers – Centralized license management portal to allocate license manage the license utilization

Flexible Deployment Scenarios

Vembu BDR enables service providers to offer an automated backup & DR services to SMB and Enterprise customers and is designed to be flexible to your deployment needs. Vembu BDR offers various deployment options to fit every backup scenario.

On-premises Deployment

In case customer need backup data to be stored at the customer premises, Vembu BDR backup server can be deployed in customer site and all the data will be backed up locally. So, the local backup data can be used to quickly recover the backed up VMs, physical machines or individual files when required. This scenario also, used by the Cloud Service Providers and Hosting Service Providers to provide BaaS and DRaaS.

How it works ?

  • Install Vembu BDR backup server at CSP or HSP data center
  • Backup VMs and physical machines and store it locally
  • Replicate VMs and physical machines for DR purpose
  • Create user accounts for your customers by grouping the backed up VMs and physical machine for self management
Remote Backup
Hybrid Cloud Backup (Backup ‘on-premise’ and Replicate to Remote location)

In case customer wants to replicate additional copy of backup data to cloud, service providers can use this deployment scenario. Using Vembu OffisteDR, service provider can set up the DR site in their data center or any public cloud such as AWS, Azure and etc.

How it works ?

  • Install Vembu BDR backup server in customer site and backup VMs and physical machines locally
  • Replicate the backed up data securely to your data center over WAN for data redundancy and DR purpose
Hybrid Cloud Backup
Remote Backup / Online Backup (Direct Remote Backup over the Internet)

You could deploy Vembu BDR Backup Server in your own data center / co-lo and offer backup services to your business customers with client machines directly backing up over the Internet to a remote Vembu BDR Backup Server. In this case, customer can backup the File Servers, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, SystemState, Registry, Outlook, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Linux machines and Mac directly to your data center over WAN.

How it works ?

  • Install and setup Vembu BDR Backup Server in your data center
  • Download and install Vembu NetworkBackup agent in your customer’s machines
  • Authenticate the machines with your BDR Backup Server
  • Backup the files and applications over WAN
On-premises Deployment

Data center backup made easy

VMware Backup – Agentless VMware Backup and Replication helps to backup entire VMware ESXi host and vCenter server
Hyper-V Backup – Agentless Hyper-V backup ensures the complete data protection of Microsoft Hyper-V environments
Disk Image Backup – For physical Windows servers, workstations and other VMs running in different hypervisors such as Xen, KVM and Oracle VirtualBox, you can install an agent inside the machine and backup entire machine. Image Level Backup for Windows Desktops and Laptops are absolutely FREE!
File Backup – Vembu offers legacy backup solution to backup the important file/folders from Windows, Linux and Mac.

Office 365 Backup – Protect Microsoft Office 365 account from ransomware by backing it up.

Application Backup – allows you to backup Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory, Outlook, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle
Google Apps (now G Suite) Backup – Protect Gmail, Drive, Contacts and Calendar

Success stories from our Service Providers

“Help4IT picks Vembu to power its comprehensive data protection service to a diverse clientele
On-Ramp Indiana
“Vembu provides On Ramp Indiana with great recurring revenue while simplifying the customer backup management
Petter Sehlin, Digital Information AB
“Vembu’s solution is simply the best backup solution we have ever come across.

Centralized Data Monitoring & Management available 24/7/365

Extensive reports and centralized management console offered by Vembu for service providers to stay connected with their customers.

Vembu BDR360

Group Management and User Access Control

Group the different backup environments, clients, VMs and physical machines and create user access to your customers to manage backup activities, get collective reports and alerts by themself. This will ensure easier management when their is a large environment where multiple administrators are responsible for backups.

Group Management

Dashboards and Reports

Configuration of automatic emails alerts upon backup completion with status and a summary report. Option to configure the e-mail alerts based on the Server/Client/Backup/VM group levels.


Real-time Monitoring

Instant status for the backups with at-a-glance health status for backups, clients or backup environments.

Real-time Monitoring

Image Verification Reports

Get the backup verification report which will have the snapshot of the boot screen of the backed up VMs and physical machines.

Image Verification Reports

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