Vembu BDR Suite for Service Providers

Vembu BDR Suite is a feature-rich BDR solution that enables Service Providers (SP) to deliver best BaaS & DRaaS. Vembu also offers features specifically intended for SPs to make managed services simpler.

  • Meet RPO & RTO < 15 mins
  • Secure, Scalable and Reliable
  • Efficient Storage Management
  • Multi-tenant and Offsite backup capabilities
  • Centralized monitoring tool and license management portal
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Become a Vembu Service Provider

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Backup for Virtual, Physical & Cloud Workloads


Agentless Backup & Replication for VMware and Hyper-V.


Windows Image Backup & File/App Backup for Windows, Linux, Mac.

SaaS Apps

Office 365 Backup & G Suite Backup – OnPremise & Vembu Cloud.


Backup for AWS EC2, Azure VMs, and Google VMs

Flexible Scheduling & Retention Policies

Near CDP

Automate backups & replication every 15 mins, every few hours, once a day or even on specific weekdays.

Incremental backup

Only the changed blocks will be backed up in successive schedules after the initial full backup.

Data Retention

Keep your data as long as you need to meet the compliance requirements from days to years.

Instant Recovery options to meet RTO < 15 mins

Instant Boot VM

Instantly spin the backup data (VM/physical machine) as a VM on VMware/Hyper-V/KVM, directly from the backup storage.

Granular Recovery of files/apps

Granular Recovery of files/apps – Instantly recover the required files/folders or application items from the backup.

Disk Mount

Instantly mount the backed-up disk on the BDR backup server machine and get access to all your files/folders.

Secure, Scalable & Reliable

Automated Backup Verification

3-tier backup verification – Boot test, Mount test, and Data integrity test to ensure backup data recoverability.

Scale-out Storage

Add physical or network drives to your backup repository as and when required.

Advanced-Data Security

Use system-generated passwords or add your own, to encrypt the backup data using AES-256 bit encryption algorithm.

Maximum Storage Efficiency

Built-in compression and deduplication to significantly reduce the storage space.

Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Vembu Offsite DR

Replicate a copy of backup data to a local remote data center or Public Clouds.

Vembu Cloud DR

Replicate a copy of backup data to Vembu Cloud and restore it from anywhere.

Backup to Tape

Archive your image-based backup data on tape drives for long-term retention.

Become a Vembu Service Provider

Be a part of Vembu Service Provider program and join along with the already benefited 4000+ partners.

Multi-tenant Backup Solution

Stay different from the crowd with your company’s services and enhance customer loyalty by efficiently offering a self administrative Backup and DR service to your customer base.

Group Management

Vembu allows for easy customer management by grouping clients backup jobs from multiple backup servers hosted in several locations.

You can create separate logins and roles for each group, add your clients’ backup jobs and even assign separate storage repository.

This gives you a multi-tenant environment that helps you to manage a huge number of backup jobs from your customers seamlessly.

User Management

The User Management feature allows you to create and manage multiple user profiles for different roles to access the BDR backup server web-console.

Centralized Monitoring & Reporting

BDR360 is a centralized cloud console that can be accessed from anywhere at any time to see the status of your customers’ backup jobs configured from multiple backup servers at different locations.

It generates a wide range of useful reports that provides server information, client information, individual backup status, VM status, backup verification and you can also check the Hard Disk & CPU usage of servers in real-time.

The dashboard gives complete statistics on the health of backups. You also have the option to enable email notifications for ‘Backup Status Report’ globally as well as Groupwise email reports.

Centralized Monitoring & Reporting
Centralized License Management

Centralized License Management

Vembu Portal for Service Providers is a central point where you can add and manage your customers licensing, billing & invoices of the products and services they avail.

ConnectWise integration

Vembu BDR Suite offers native integration with ConnectWise. This enables you to automate billing for all backup services provisioned in the ConnectWise Manage platform.

In fact, you can handle all customer management features from within the ConnectWise Manage instance.

ConnectWise integration
Clustering & Load Balancing

Clustering & Load Balancing

Vembu BDR backup server and Offsite DR server installations can be configured into a cluster, and new servers can be dynamically added to handle increased loads.

This ensures effective and reliable scalability, without affecting the production environment.

Vembu BDR Suite

  • Vembu BDR Suite is an one-stop solution for BaaS & DRaaS needs that protects diverse IT environments including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows, Linux & Mac

Deployment Models – Have it your way

Managed Backup Service

Primary backup at Customer’s Site and secondary copy of backup in Customer/Service Provider Site
Deploy the BDR backup server in your customer premises and backup their data locally through LAN. Your customers will now have one copy of backup in their environment.

If your customers want to have another copy of backup in offsite for DR purposes, they have two options:

Customer’s Secondary Site – This can either be a customer’s local site like a remote/branch office or their own cloud. A copy of backups are replicated from on-premise BDR backup server to offsite DR server through LAN/WAN.

Service Provider Site – You can host your customers’ secondary backups either in your local datacenter or on your own cloud or Vembu Cloud.

Managed Backup Service

Remote Managed Backup Service

Primary backup at Service Provider Site
You will have the primary copy of your customers’ backup in your datacenter.

Deploy the BDR backup server in your data center either in your local server or in the cloud (own Cloud/ Vembu Cloud). Perform backup of your customers’ data from multiple locations to the BDR backup server through Vembu Client Agents. The backup data is transferred over WAN and stored in your backup server storage.

You will be able to perform backup, recovery, replication and manage all the backup jobs through the BDR backup server web console. You can even make secondary backups to another local site or cloud if required through DR options.

Remote Managed Backup Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Vembu offers Disaster Recovery options as a part of the Vembu BDR Suite. If you are a DRaaS provider, you can leverage this option to host your customers’ data offsite (isolating from production site), either in your data center, in public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google or in Vembu Cloud.

In the event of a local site disaster, you can simply bring back the VMs/applications/data within 15 mins with the offsite DR setup while meeting your business SLAs.

On-Prem DraaS

Secondary copy of backup at Service Provider’s local datacenter
Deploy Vembu BDR backup server on customer premises, backup the on-prem workloads and have the primary backup copy stored in the customer premises. With Vembu Offsite DR, you can host the secondary copy of customers’ data in your datacenter.

Deploy Vembu Offsite DR on a local server in your environment to set up a DR site. This enables you to replicate customers’ data from multiple backup servers in different locations to your central Offsite DR server.

On-Prem DraaS

Cloud-based DRaaS

Secondary copy of backup at Service Provider’s own Cloud or Public Cloud or Vembu Cloud
The trend to move data into the cloud is gaining popularity and has continued among Backup & DR services too. Managing customers’ data in the cloud benefits you in terms of scalability, availability and also likely reduces the total costs compared to having an on-premise DR site.

To build out the best Backup & DR strategy for customers, Vembu supports implementing the Hybrid Cloud Deployment setup – where the customers’ data is stored locally as well as in the cloud.

Public Cloud – AWS, Azure or Google

Deploy Vembu Offsite DR in any of the public cloud instances like AWS EC2, Azure VM or Google VM.

This lets you store the secondary copy of your customers’ data.

Public Cloud
Backup to Amazon S3 via Storage Gateway

Backup to Amazon S3 via Storage Gateway

You can seamlessly connect the Vembu BDR backup server to your S3 storage via the AWS storage gateway.

This enables you to store your customers’ data in Amazon S3 providing the flexibility to scale as and when needed and adds high availability.

Vembu Cloud

Vembu Cloud is hosted in AWS and offers cloud storage which you can leverage to host your customers’ data.

You can either use Vembu cloud storage for storing your customers’ secondary backup copy or you can directly have the primary backup on Vembu Cloud.

Vembu Cloud

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