Vembu Backup for Microsoft Windows

The Vembu Backup for Microsoft Windows is a comprehensive solution that allows you to backup the Windows Servers and Workstations running on physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

With Vembu Backup for Microsoft Windows, you can backup the entire disk or selected disk partitions of Windows machines including its Operating System(OS), boot information, system settings, applications, and files – even while they are being used.

Vembu also offers multiple recovery options that help to restore the Windows Image Backup data granularly, perform cross-platform migration, instantly boot the backup data in a virtual environment, and also to build an entire Windows machine from scratch on new hardware by performing Bare Metal Restore (BMR).

About This Guide

This Evaluator's Guide will help you to explore and evaluate the various features, functionalities, and capabilities of Vembu Backup for Microsoft Windows. It will walk you through the installation, backup configuration, and help you test the different recovery options based on your organization's needs and disaster recovery policy.

Feature Highlights of Vembu Backup for Microsoft Windows

  • Disk-Image based backup for Windows Servers and Workstations

  • Backup the entire machine or a specific disk or volume

  • Supports Bare-metal Restore (BMR)

  • Instant Boot VM Recovery (P2V)

  • Instant File & Application-Item Recovery

  • Automatic Backup Verification

  • Centralized UI to configure, manage and restore backups