Efficient Storage Management using VembuHIVE file system

Vembu BDR backup server uses its own file system VembuHIVETM to store backup data. VembuHIVETM is an efficient cloud file system designed for large-scale backup and disaster recovery (BDR) application with support for advanced use-cases. VembuHIVETM can be thought of as a File System of File Systems with in-built version control, encryption, deduplication and in-built error correction. So, you can use any combination of storage devices such as, NAS, SAN and directly attached storage as backup targets.

Efficient Storage Management

How it works

VembuHIVETM is intelligent enough to understand the way content is organized inside the backup data and interpret in multiple ways, irrespective of where it came from (VMware Backup, Hyper-V Backup, Disk Image Backup or file backup) and thus can perform on-demand granular restores. Most importantly, VembuHIVETM supports scale-up and scale-out storage. So, you can simply add storage disks to increase the storage space for backup data. BDR backup server automatically utilizes the newly added disks to store the incremental backup data.

Since VembuHIVETM uses its own storage technologies, all the backup data will be splitted into multiple small chunk files, irrespective of backup types (VMware Backup, Hyper-V Backup, Disk Image Backup or File and Application level Backups). So, the source VM or physical machine may be in any size, VembuHIVETM takes care of it. The backup data of large systems will be splitted into multiple chunk files and stored into different storage targets to make use of the storage devices effectively.

  • Built-in Compression, Encryption and Deduplication
  • Auto error correction
  • Instantly creates VHD, VHDX, VMDK, Flat.VMDK and RAW image files virtually without using any additional storage
  • Quick VM Recovery to VMware, Hyper-V and KVM environments
  • Instant File Recovery from VMs and physical machines backed up by Vembu VMBackup and Vembu ImageBackup
  • Instant item-level recovery which helps to recover mails, databases, documents or users from Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Active Directory and SharePoint applications

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