Cloud Disaster Recovery

Vembu BDR Suite provides business continuity with minimal downtime in the events of data loss caused by unexpected disasters. Vembu CloudDR provides additional data protection which helps users to replicate data from the Vembu BDR backup server to the Vembu CloudDR Server. It gives a foolproof protection to business critical data by storing them on Cloud storage which ensures geo-redundant data security and can be directly restored anywhere, anytime from the Vembu CloudDR Server whenever required.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Key Features

Live Data Transfer: Instantaneous data transfer from Vembu BDR Backup server to Vembu CloudDR Server.

Highly secured & Encrypted Cloud data: Vembu CloudDR is protected with AES 256 bit encryption algorithm thereby ensuring secure data transmission over the internet.

Pay as You Go: As an introductory offer, CloudDR comes with 10GB of free storage and also pricing for CloudDR is highly affordable.

Instant restore: Despite unannounced disasters/outages of all kind, the replicated backup data can be recovered with the help of Vembu CloudDR with minimum downtime.

Geographically Redundant: Vembu CloudDR resides on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is available to the regions like America, EMEA and APAC. Choose your data to be located either in the nearby region or anywhere as it is globally redundant.

How it works

  • Register Vembu BDR backup server with Vembu portal to enable offsite copy management
  • Retentions for offsite copies can be enabled in order to manage full backup and the incrementals via retention configuration
  • Bandwidth throttling option helps user to limit the network bandwidth usage for backup jobs
  • Windows Setting option let users to choose the time preferences for the replication job to be performed
  • By using Vembu CloudDR account in the Vembu Portal, users can recover their replicated backup data from the Vembu Cloud

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