Centralized Management

Vembu BDR360 is a management tool developed by Vembu to monitor and manage all backup servers and their activity from a single console. Service providers will get a real-time visibility to all the backups done by their clients and the status of each backup jobs. With Vembu BDR360, IT administrators and service providers can manage all the VMs, physical servers, applications and endpoints backups round the clock from a single web-based console. Vembu BDR360 significantly increases the productivity of any business by providing features like Instant notification, Backup status report, Group management, Email alert, etc.
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Centralized Management

How it works:

Every activity of the backup servers can be monitored and managed by installing Vembu BDR360 agent on every machine where Vembu BDR server is installed. Vembu BDR360 agent can be downloaded and installed from the Vembu portal web page after registering the Vembu BDR server to the portal account. After successful installation of BDR360, the backup activities can be monitored from BDR360 console through Vembu portal. The newly added backup servers can also be monitored after installing the BDR360 agent and registering BDR server to Vembu portal.

Vembu BDR360 dashboard provides health status about each backup, clients, and backup servers. Also, one can get the detailed view of latest job status and history.

  • Backup environments or clients are categorized into separate groups and one can get collective reports and alerts for each group
  • Automatic E-mails alerts can be configured upon completion of backup with status and a summary report. E-mail alerts can also be configured based on the Server/Client group levels
  • Instant notifications on warning or error jobs within a single window. The notifications also provide insights about the reason for warning or failure