World Backup Day, 31st March, is the day we remind you how important it is to backup your data! Considering our experience in this domain, we tend to do it every day of the year, but on March 31st, we do it more!

There is no big history associated with celebrating this day every year. A group of users in Reddit decided that the day before April Fool’s day would be the perfect time to spread awareness about the importance of data protection.

That’s how was created and the campaign came into existence.

Why should you backup your data?

The answer is very simple. To protect your business you must protect your business data!

Every organization, big and small, has important data that has to be protected for various reasons – an alarming increase in the number of cyber-attacks, accidental deletion, data loss or data corruption due to hardware failure and so on.

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One of the best strategies to backup your data is the 3-2-1 Rule.

  • Three copies of data
  • Two different media (disk or tape)
  • One offsite copy

It is also imperative to choose a comprehensive backup solution that caters to the backup, recovery and disaster recovery needs of diverse IT environments like physical, virtual or cloud.

Protect your data with Vembu BDR Suite

Vembu offers a simple, secure and scalable backup and disaster recovery solution. With our flagship product, Vembu BDR Suite, you can protect virtual environments – VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V, physical environments – Windows, Linux, Mac, cloud workloads – AWS EC2 instances, Azure VMs & Google VMs, and SaaS applications – Office 365 & G Suite.

Catering to the evolving market trends, we recently introduced support for backing up MS Office 365, G Suite, and AWS.

In addition to this, our packages are categorized into Free, Standard and Enterprise editions.

Free Edition covers the needs of a small business offering complete data protection at zero cost with basic features.

Vembu BDR Suite – Free Edition supports full-featured backups for upto 10 VMs (VMware and Hyper-V) and limited featured backups for the rest of the VMs(unlimited). You can also backup Unlimited Windows Servers & Workstations, Office 365 for 10 users and 10 AWS EC2 instances for FREE!

For businesses whose requirements need more than what the free edition offers but cannot afford the Standard or Enterprise editions, Vembu BDR Essentials package offers a low cost option that has been extremely popular among SMBs. With this package, you can protect the virtual environments – VMware & Hyper-V having upto 10 CPU-Sockets or 100 VMS without compromising on features while saving 50% backup expenses as it is priced at half of regular Vembu BDR Suite price.

With Vembu BDR Suite Essentials, you will be able to backup a VM for less than $1.8 per month!

Learn more about Vembu BDR Suite here. Download the full-featured 30-day free trial of the latest Vembu BDR Suite v4.1 and experience modern data protection for your business.

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