The new version of VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution is out since December 13th with Horizon View 7.7. This product needs no introduction as it has been a market leader alongside other big players for a long time. The ever growing need to pair mobility and productivity is driving the evolution and improvement of software solutions that can provide for it. VMware understands this very well given the rate of Horizon View releases over the past few years.

So what can Horizon admins expect from the latest one?

This new version brings Horizon 7.7.0 with Horizon Apps 7.7.0 along with the Horizon Client in version 4.10.0. It is now compatible with vSphere 6.7 Update 1 and of course VSAN 6.7 Update 1.

Horizon Connection Server

  • Pod name displayed in the Horizon Administrator header to identify the current pod
  • Monitoring health of UAG for versions 3.4 and later in the Horizon Administrator console
  • Connected users displayed when checking user assignments for pools
  • Added features to the HTML5 interface to manage View Composer linked-clone desktop pools, manual desktop pools, persistent disks for linked-clone
  • Possibility to end a user process in an RDS host from the Helpdesk tool interface
  • Use of a single vCenter instance with multiple pods in a Cloud Pod environment
  • New maximum of 500 RDS hosts in a farm (200 in earlier versions)
  • Multi-session mode for published applications on different client devices when creating a global application entitlement
  • Drain mode for RDS servers to improve maintenance of nodes in an RDS farm
  • Hybrid logon for unauthenticated. provides domain access to network resources such as fileshare or network printers without the need to enter credentials
  • Subfolders for global entitlement shortcuts

Linux agent

  • Improved overall support across distributions.
    Session collaboration
  • Instant-clone offline domain join using Samba​ (limited to Ubuntu, Rhel, CentOS, and SLED)
  • Serial port redirection for RDS-hosted desktops in nested mode (are we still using these?)

Windows agent

  • Optimization of client drive redirection for file copy and folder indexing
  • Drag and drop of files and folders between the client computer and the virtual desktop or published App (new GPO associated)
  • Virtual Print feature to print to any printer configured on the client computer (new GPO associated)
  • Support of Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) devices for instant clones
  • Added support for Windows Server 2019
  • Clipboard audit feature to record copy and paste activity between client and virtual desktop in an event log
  • Physical PC remoting via Blast Extreme protocol supported
  • Useful for clients with several monitor, you can select specific monitors per published applications
  • Geolocation redirection feature enhancements in Google Chrome
  • HEVC decoding for clients with VMware Blast

Other bits and pieces

  • Added support for Instant clones in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Full-screen mode support in the HTML access client
  • TLS v1.0 is now disabled by default
  • Horizon client support for MacOS Mojave (10.14)
  • Collect support data for MacOS client to help VMware support

And obviously, you can check out the resolved issues and the known issues in the release notes.

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VMware horizon 7.7 – What’s new
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