Backup Verification Report

Backup Verification is the process which would verify the status of the image backup that are already stored in the backend. This is an automated  process which would  start at the end of day and would go through the image backup available in the backup server and then mount the image file in the virtual drive. Once it is mounted, then it would do instant boot verification to confirm the integrity of the backup and the result would be captured as the snapshot. As it is an internal process, you will be able to view the result displayed through snapshots. This would help to make sure that the image files stored are upto date and ready for boot process.

All the information including the VMhost, name of the disk and the backup job would be listed. User are provided with the filter option for day wise and also for backup and client wise.

Backup status Report

Reports are very essential since IT admin want to know about the result of backup quite often. He never wants any backups that are idle for long period due to minor problem without being noticed since this would affect his business badly. For this Backup status report is very handy and has all the report about each and every backup that are scheduled through the day. It would have multiple schedule for same backup. Filters are available to view the report according to outcome of the schedule and also can limit with time period.

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To make things easier, emails notification can be set for the  backup report with filter option so that emails would be generated as per the schedule configured. IT Admin can know the status of the backup  from the Email sent without needing to look into the backup server console. Timing of the report would be daily,weekly,monthly. Download option are available for the filtered report to view through external editor

Email Report

Unlike the Backup Status Report which is consolidated report that includes all backup report, Email Report can be configured to send once the schedule completes. It would be sent irrespective of the outcome of the schedule. All the event like backup,restore,delete operation can be covered under the report even the unsuccess case would be notified to the Admin.

Admin can configure multiple email idx for sending reports and also has option to direct the  email to other email id if the outcome of the operation is failed. Email filters are useful to restrict the flow of email for certain operation. For example If Admin don’t want to notify about the “no new or modified files”, he can unselect the option from the email filter so that it won’t be mailed to the user.

Another way of restriction is available not to email to the particular backup which may not be important. Add the name of the backup in the filter which would prevent the emailing for that backup schedule alone.

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VMBackup Reports – An overview
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