Using advanced, patented, storage software, Vembu VMBackup implements distributed backup and DR operations in a centrally managed environment which provides scalable data protection for any size virtual infrastructure through the federation of multiple Vembu BDR services.

Four components form the foundation of a Vembu VMBackup federated data protection environment:

  • Vembu VMBackup Client/Proxy
  • Vembu BDR Server
  • VembuHIVE™
  • Vembu Explorer for Granular Recovery

Vembu VMBackup Client/Proxy: is installed on a source system to process backup data. For host-level vSphere VM backups, Vembu proxy can be installed on any physical server with either direct SAN access to host datastores or network access to a host. A VM appliance can also be used as a Vembu proxy to leverage VMware’s SCSI HotAdd transport mode.

Vembu BDR Backup Server: receives backup data from a Vembu proxy. While processing VM data, a Vembu backup server strips out structural metadata about the VMFS file system; adds rich content metadata and minimize the storage footprint via data compression and deduplication. Vembu server then commits the backup data to a highly scalable document-oriented database.

VembuHIVE™: is Vembu patented document-oriented repository. Documents in a document-oriented database encapsulate information encoded in value-key pairs which enables a document to store any data without following a strict schema.

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In addition, every document has a unique key for retrieval and can be queried on content for intelligent deep visibility into backup documents. Moreover, the value-key construct creates a database that scales easily through the simple addition of storage and compute resources.

With structural VMFS metadata removed from VM backup documents and intelligently indexed document, Vembu BDR backup server  is able to format and present VembuHIVE™ documents as persistent disk images in multiple formats, including .vhd, .vhdx, .and .vmdk, with read/write access. Moreover, a Vembu backup server installed on a server running Hyper-V supports instant booting of backed up vSphere© VMs as Hyper-V VMs.

Vembu Explorer for Granular Recovery: is an intuitive wizard based utility for performing granular recovery of application data, such as Exchange messages and SQL Server tables. Wizards enable IT administrators to search data items such as messages, contacts, tables, directly from VembuHIVE™. IT administrators are able to locally mount VM logical disks from host-level backups to implement application-level backup and recovery functions that would typically require an application-specific backup using an agent installed on VM.

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