A HIVE in general is defined to be the collective work wonder of the bees and is an inspiration that stresses the importance and advantage of working together in unison. A Hive is a place that is buzzing and lively..

Wondering what a bee hive has to do with a backup software here?

Well, for one thing, it mirrors the nature of Vembu’s Virtual File system (and our workplace)!

A file system defines how a data is stored and retrieved for usage and file systems are classified into various types based upon multiple parameters. Among all, the most important file systems are NTFS,  ex: FAT, FAT, ReFS. All these file systems has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But after the burgeoning of the Cloud Computing paradigm, there is certainly a need for a sophisticated file system that utilizes the cloud’s advantages to the core. After analysing such needs and researching on the possibilities, Vembu came with a solution for a file system designed with working structure of a “Hive” as a base idea.

To learn more about Vembu’s new file system- Vembu HIVE, please do download the whitepaper given in the below link and do visit our blogs periodically to get updates on Vembu’s new path breaking technologies for your backups.

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VembuHIVE White Paper

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