Vembu is all excited with another significant release with its flagship offering- the Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0 with the most requested features from different arenas that would uphold Backup and Disaster Recovery. This perhaps is yet another crucial release and here’s a quick chat with one of Vembu’s tech expert- Nagarajan Chandrasekaran, Product Manager of Vembu BDR Suite that would aid customers with a brief insight on the latest version and how to gain the most out of it.

Q) By catering one of the most comprehensive solutions to a niche market of Backup and Disaster Recovery, where do you see Vembu taking its pace in the next few years and what has it accomplished with this upcoming release Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0 in accordance to it?

Nagarajan: Having set a firm foothold by serving Small and Medium Businesses in the market for Backup and Disaster Recovery of virtual ( VMware, Hyper-V) and physical ( Windows Servers & workstations) environments, we are now trying to penetrate deep by targeting Mid-sized Businesses. In an attempt to accomplish that, we’ve tried to address critical features like extending support to Native Tape Backup, enabling advanced backup level encryption settings that would be of great benefit to both virtual and physical IT setups. IT administrators having used other products are now up with Vembu for a simplified approach to Backup & Disaster Recovery that ensures business continuity at an affordable pricing. While most backup softwares are becoming complex with every next release offering features that might not be required, Vembu is simplifying the data protection in every successive release by addressing the necessary requirements of the IT admins.

Q) That being said, how can IT administrators benefit most out of this Native Tape support and how will it be helpful in resolving their pain points and establish an efficient DR plan?

Nagarajan: Over the past decade, there have been some serious debates over the end of tape storage considering it a legacy storage solution. Being in the industry for more than 15+ years, we’ve come across numerous customer conversations and recommendations that External Tape storage would be the one solution that would help in long-term archival of data that would make them comply with their internal businesses policies. Moreover, IT admins would want to implement the best known 3-2-1 Backup & Disaster Recovery strategy, configure backup data archival to tape storage and expect a recovery of the IT environment in any format be it- virtual or physical. With this Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0, we’ve made all these possible by adding value to the existing version by implementing the industry’s best technology.

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Q) It’s a known fact that data security has been one of the top priorities of users. How does Vembu tackle this growing concern to data piracy and threats with the new version and how is it adhering to the compliance policies?

Nagarajan: Vembu has been providing data encryption(at-fly and at-rest) by using AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. We’ve strengthened technology one step ahead for advanced security at a granular level for each virtual or physical machines that will help users configure different customized encryption passwords for multiple backup jobs assuring complete encryption against threats to data like thefts, hacking, etc., with the version 3.9.0.

Q) Centralized monitoring and cross-platform migration are very critical aspects that govern the manageability of data centers. With this new version, what are the new management functionalities and enhancements that you are addressing?

Nagarajan: By ensuring instant availability for Hyper-V hosts and Windows Servers on VMware ESXi, we have automated the recovery process. The earlier recovery scenario that took additional manual work has paved way for a simplified approach to business continuity with minimal downtime that’s just one click away.

Q) While most backup vendors provide a suitable backup solution, not many have had a good run with Disaster Recovery on multiple platforms. How does Vembu ensure business continuity at the event of a natural calamity or a disaster and address this issue?

Nagarajan: Vembu offers off-site data replication to AWS or to the user’s own data center through optimized WAN acceleration. Instant recovery is thus made available on a primary or secondary data center in the event of a disaster. We’ve already started working on providing instant recovery on AWS instance now and we look forward to extending this feature to other public clouds like Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud etc.

Q) What should system administrators across the globe await for in the next release? What would Service Providers, Partners, and customers see Vembu heading towards in 2018?

Nagarajan: In the next major release, customers would be able to backup the failover VMs on a Hyper-V cluster, configure instant boot on AWS and a lot more enhancements to work on. And this year- 2018 is very crucial for Vembu. We would not want to get complacent with the good feedback that we have received from customers for the brand that we’ve established in the market. We’re all ears for more recommendations and requests. We are working for an uninterrupted business continuity that is focused on better usability and experience.

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