Data, the most indispensable part of every business have grown so rapidly in the past few decades that, the current trend of technology demands a solution which can backup the data with minimum usage of storage, maximum assurance of security and other reliable features. As we celebrate Sysadmin day, we believe that the challenges faced by Sys/IT admins are sophisticated and needs to be addressed with a single and simple solution.

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of Vembu BDR Suite v3.8.0 which is now generally available(GA) and can be downloaded from today. The latest flagship offering comes with many features and numerous enhancements that can simplify the process of backups and expedite the process of recovery. For those who wish to familiarise with the latest Vembu BDR Suite v3.8.0, here’s what we got to offer:

File Level Recovery from GUI

Recovery being considered the most crucial part of backup in every business, confronts issues when it comes to recovery of individual file, as it is possible to recover them only after recovering the entire VM or disk. Vembu has come up with a new feature “File Level Recovery from GUI” as a solution, which enables the user to granularly recover individual files and folders directly from the GUI without actually restoring the entire VM or disk.


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Image backup from BDR Server

To ease out the hassle of handling a separate client along with server, Vembu BDR Server brings the solution in its salient role with an additional enhancement of “Image backup from BDR Server”. This features enables the user to configure and manage the image backup of windows servers and workstations directly from BDR Server rather than a separate Image backup client.


OffsiteDR Seed

Data holds so much of significance these days that the users expect their sensitive data to be backed up both on premises and offsite premises for disaster recovery purpose, but transferring of the backed up data offsite results in time and bandwidth consumption. Vembu OffsiteDR seed might be the ultimate solution as the data from the backup server to the OffsiteDR server can be migrated using a local storage medium, while the incremental data can be transferred through the WAN saving both time and bandwidth.


MSI Installer

Vembu imparts its BDR Server along with clients in order to provide backup and disaster recovery for SMB’s data centers. The process of client installation in each and every single machine seems to be a complex task, when the client deployment are in huge numbers. To overcome this, Vembu re-creates its installation procedure of client agents with MSI installer which will allow installation of the clients on multiple machines in a single push from its domain controller when it comes to domain controller environment.

Auto Authorization

The backup data is extremely vital and has to be protected, but in some cases, the data is prone to the situation where the backup data might be sent to an unknown server due to human errors causing the sensitive data to be vulnerable. Vembu’s Auto Authorization will generate a unique passkey using which only the authorized clients can connect to the server.


Storage Pool

If the storage allocated to store backup data is full and if there is no provision to add more storage, it is almost impossible to continue with the further backups and the backup jobs will start to getting failed. The storage repository management of a Vembu BDR server has a hybrid volume manager that flexibly supports scaling of the storage repositories as per the storage needs. Users can also aggregate the space available from different volumes and utilise them to store backups.


Apart from these interesting features, Vembu BDR Suite v3.8.0 also comes with some other enhancements which are as follows.

  • VM level reports in OffsiteDR Server
  • In UI, new menu for consolidated VM level report in both Backup & OffsiteDR Server
  • Search option for VMs in backup config page & restore list page
  • Backup\Group level storage allocation
  • Disk Management Mount(Hyper-V)
  • Email Settings in Backup Agents

And much more to explore with Vembu BDR v3.8.0.

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