While Business Availability is gaining significance more than ever, it is highly important for businesses to choose a solution which reduces the burden of IT administrators with simplified and comprehensive mechanism. Leandro’s article in blogvmware.com, ”Vembu: Backup, Replication & Disaster Recovery” talks about Vembu BDR Suite which caters to both virtual & physical environments. One of the most significant things about Vembu BDR Suite is its adaptability to various business types i.e from sophisticated data centers to businesses with less or no IT infrastructure.

Leandro begins his article by stating that Vembu VMBackup is compatible with both virtual environments i.e VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V and does not requires any client installer. For Physical Server Environment, Vembu ImageBackup client installer is required and for file/application backup, Vembu NetworkBackup is used thus making Vembu BDR Suite, one of the most comprehensive solutions available in the market. The author comments on the installation/configuration part by stating that the installation & configuration is quite easy and can appeal to the basic user as well. Then, the author lists out the salient features of Vembu BDR Suite which make up to the backup, replication and disaster recovery requirements of small & medium businesses. Vembu BDR Suite also offers various recovery options so that in case of an outage/disaster, the recovery time is lesser irrespective of the environment to which the data is being recovered. Vembu supports different types of storage and protocols as destination backups: Local, SAN , NAS & DAS and with in-house file system, VembuHIVE to improve storage performance and scalability, incorporating compression, version control, encryption, and error correction. Then Leandro talks about web-management console, cross-platform migration, granular recovery using Vembu Universal Explorer and many other features. Finally, the author concludes by providing a download link with 30 free days trial post which a free edition is available with few feature limitations.

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Vembu: Backup, Replication & Disaster Recovery: An article in blogvmware.com
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