Data has become an important asset of an organization. The complexity involved in gathering, storing and protecting the data is enormous. Businesses require a centralized backup and disaster recovery software that can protect the data stored in any type of infrastructure, recover the data in minimal time to ensure business continuity.

In 2020, cyber threats will be on a constant rise rather than decreasing and it is imperative for businesses to protect their data.

Here are few trends businesses need to look out for in the upcoming year.

Cloud Data mobility

Cloud mobility is a trend that intends to make the workloads migration across various cloud platforms seamless and readily accessible. It is also a way to make cloud deployments efficient and cost-effective.

In recent times, we can observe that many companies prefer more than one platform to store their data – on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud. Hence the tools enabling such migration and management are also in demand. This demand will continue in the upcoming year.

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When it comes to the backup industry, the backup software that can protect data in both on-premises and the hybrid cloud infrastructure has become very important. This trend will accelerate in 2020, with many companies moving towards cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Focus more on Disaster Recovery

Backups have already reduced the business risks considerably. The focus on disaster recovery has increased with the rise of natural and man-made calamities. Regardless of the industry or size, a company needs immediate recovery to ensure business continuity. A dependable disaster recovery plan with minimal recovery time will be indispensable in the upcoming year.

Artificial intelligence in Data Centers

AI would play a significant role in the management of data centers. Gartner has claimed that more than 30% of data centers that don’t deploy AI and machine learning won’t be operationally and economically feasible by 2020.

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Data Centers has many advantages like improved security, energy conservation, reduced downtime, better equipment monitoring, and server optimization. Every data-driven organization will commence exploring the implementation of AI for its data centers in the near future.

Increase in adoption of containers

Container technologies are now used to run mission-critical enterprise applications, and in 2020, many businesses will begin to view container technology as a vital part of their IT framework. Though easy to use, containers are not without challenges. Data security is one of the main challenges followed by data management, reliability, scalability, and networking. Handling these challenges would be one of the most important data protection trends in the forthcoming year.

Having a centralized backup solution is going to be crucial

With the number of organizations embracing hybrid data storage infrastructures on a constant rise, it has become crucial for the backup and disaster recovery vendors to stay up-to-date. In 2020, organizations would look for a backup solution that will provide centralized data protection.


2019 was the year of backups, and 2020 is going to be the year with improved focus on disaster recovery. A single solution that offers centralized protection for data in multiple environments is going to be the need of the hour.

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