Server going down is generally an unexpected and unpredictable event in any business. If it isn’t due to routine and planned maintenance schedule, it always creates a terrifying experience for IT Admins who would then have to spend sleepless nights to bring the server back into action. It is impossible to prepare for the next eventuality, even though we might learn lots of lessons from prior occurrences.

The critical servers might be going down due to any number of reasons like, software/hardware failures, power outage, natural disasters or hacking and a lot more. In particular, for industries like Medical informatics, Banks, Financial institutions, Airlines, News reporting, E-commerce, Online transaction processing and etc., which relies on near 24/7 service, it is a serious matter of losing credibility among  customers, due to unexpected server downtime.

Since these are unavoidable, we need to prepare for the management of server downtime issues in efficient ways. How is that possible ? Perhaps you have looked into the prospect of deploying applications in high end robust server machines. However, whatever the hardware and platform may be, you cannot expect 100% uptime at any cost.

Downtime Solutions

Let us explore some real time solutions here,

  •  RAID– The first thing which will come to our knowledge. By using hardware RAID, we can take a redundant copy and we can use it for a quicker recovery in case of hardware failure.
  •  ROBO copy – By using any third party tool, we can frequently copy the important data to other machines.
  •  Tape backup – A traditional way to backup your data.
  •  On-premise and Hybrid cloud backup – Backup your critical servers along with OS, application and data to a local environment and updated one copy to cloud for DR purpose.

First three solutions are either considered outdated and/or cannot be used to perform DR effectively.

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Your best bet against Downtime

Backup your critical servers using any third party backup softwares would be an unique solution to reduce the server downtime issues. But there are plenty of softwares out there in the market and the questions boils down to how can we chose a good one ?

Lets jump into that here. Look for the following capabilities:

  • Ability to backup entire image, including OS, Application and Data or individual items
  • Ability to backup Physical, Virtual Machines
  • Automated backup schedules
  • Easy to manage
  • Optimized storage management
  • Cloud replication
  • P2V, P2P and instant recovery in virtual environment
  • Granular recovery like MS Exchange mail level recovery and MSSQL table level recovery

Vembu – Downtime Exterminator

These are all the critical requirements when we chose a backup software vendor. Vembu is the leader in the on- premise, cloud backup and hybrid cloud backup solutions since 2004 and serving over  25,000 businesses worldwide. Vembu’s instant restore to virtual environment feature will help you to bring up your service within minutes during a disaster.

Apart from this, Vembu’s fanatical support will handhold you during any situation. To know more on the product and pricing front, just get in touch with us at -1-844-640-1499 for FREE !

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Tackling Server Downtime
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