The backup and disaster recovery needs are increasing with every passing day. Many vendors are available in the market who claim to offer solutions to your requirements. Establishing a backup software is a crucial task but it takes a lot more to choose the right solution which is to be deployed in your diverse IT environment.

Most IT Admins face issues when it comes to performing this task of finding an Ideal Backup software. The process involves various factors that have to be looked into. The first step here is to know what you need. You need to understand what your requirements are and at what level of importance and priority you need a backup which can make your business stay up and running always.

Certain basic requirements of every backup software is not what you need to lookout for rather you need to choose a solution that covers up all the required characteristic features which will help you gain the Business Continuity. Always available data centers are what is required. Nevertheless, the processing behind it must be quite simple and very narrative in terms of what IT Admins can understand taking into consideration what they look out for. The Image backup also provides an additional product viability

Abiding by the rules is the first RULE!

Before choosing a solution, we need to check if they first comply with the rules the organizations abide. For a matter of fact, there are certain institutions/organizations who adhere to certain compliances. The recent GDPR was one such policy that was imposed on all the organizations which come under the European territory. The rules imposed certain judgements on to the users which were very crucial to be followed and was fundamental and important to abide by. This policy thus created a hype in the entire nation. The decision was made on the basis promising the European common citizens a safe and secure data transaction era. It has rules that the data of any individual will not leave Europe.

The strategy being simple. Complete data protection! This policy made the Backup software vendors put into their solution the compliance policy.

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Though the Software Vendor is compliant but does the product adhere to compliance? How does the data which has to be backed up actually process? Does it get encrypted? And when the talks are on the cloud basis, is the data in the cloud safe enough? Where does the data reside?

A complete strategic operation has to be done before thinking of a backup software.

The concept of processing the data in terms of compliance is what this paragraph discusses.

Moving on to the next concept which has to be dealt with in alignment to the Backup Compliance is the security. The encryption has to be inbuilt and need to be performed with a standardized encryption technique.

The data will anyway be encrypted using multiple algorithms but the actual point that has to be seen is whether a standard algorithm is used for the encryption like AES-256 algorithm. Other important aspects would be whether it is encrypted both on-fly and at rest. There would be no point in opting for a backup solution if the encryption doesn’t work out well. The data that would be processed for backup is with no doubt very sensitive as a reason of which it is planned to backup. And no organization would ever want to risk when it comes to data security.

Cloud -Anywhere, Anytime!

Distinctive features are to be explored when a solution based on Cloud is taken into account. Maintaining a copy onsite in your local premises is one method but maintaining a DR site plays a fundamental role when it comes to Business Continuity. The data can be backed up but will it be available at the time of need like when the disaster hits or whenever there is a data loss or any type of system failure. This is what makes any software stand out, the software product must be ready with the data anytime.

The Disaster Recovery is performed from cloud in a scenario where the onsite backup data itself is lost. This acts like a backup for you backup. Thus look out for solution that offers you both onsite and cloud data storage.

In addition to these getting your data stored in an offsite location for Disaster Recovery can be considered a good backup practice. At the end of the day, you have your data backed up Onsite, Offsite and in Cloud.

Disaster? Get your Data Recovery covered.

The recovery process play an important role here. Recovery need is not the same everywhere. There are multiple and diverse scenarios where recovery is needed and has to be implemented. At times there is a situation where the data has to be simply available no matter at what point in time. Instant recoveries must be performable in this scene.

There is a situation where the source is not able to get back to its state after the failure. For this situation, permanent type of recovery is required. The data from the backup storage must be used to permanently create a system that was accessible before the failure or the system crash or any type of data loss.

There are a lot of times when certain files and folders are what that is needed and may be a critical disk must be available which has in it all the critical data. Cross platform recoveries irrespective of the source whether a physical or virtual must be supported for high level data availability. These multiple types of recovery that can be performed on that particular situation has to be the deal breaker for any software vendor.

Heavy on the pockets? Not so cool.

Budget constraints are usual in any organization or a firm. In respect to the size of the business it varies. Deem a solution that fits your pocket. Look out for a solution that offers you multiple editions from which you can choose. Not all the advanced features are required for a medium level backup, based on the priority it holds. A solution must be flexible enough to provide the customers with what they need with “no less, no more” strategy.

Apart from these few crucial aspects, a good backup software solution includes supple automatic scheduling options, Replication, inbuilt compression, reports, and a lot more which may vary based on the organization’s requirement.


Setting up a trend and making any software a prodigy of its own kind is not an “oh so, easy task”. A number of forces are to be taken into consideration as mentioned above. The generic positivity about every concept that deals with the backup software solution has to be checked. A deep dive into the process is a must. This can be done in the trial period. When Backup softwares and its vendors are considered, most of them come with a full featured free trial that can be used for the evaluation purpose. Anyway the concept has to deal with the multiple target areas to choose a backup software. Also, the Enhancements have to be looked every quarter.

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