Instant Recovery is one of the important and most useful feature in every backup solution. Downtime is very hard to bear by any organization and we can’t predict when downtime can occur. It may be system or man-made error but the effects of downtime is very high. Every business needs the immediate recovery of their critical business production data to be accessed immediately and running their business system even after disasters. In other word, every business needs instant recovery with less downtime and high production for their business.

Vembu BDR Suite’s Instant Recovery feature helps you to instantly restore the backed up virtual or physical machines as a VM during disaster. Vembu’s instant recovery feature supports VMware virtual machines, Hyper-V virtual machines and even physical windows servers. With Vembu VMBackup, you can backup your VMware virtual machines and Hyper-V virtual machines and Vembu ImageBackup helps you to backup your physical windows server and desktops.

Vembu uses their own file system called VembuHIVE to store the backup data and hence you can boot VMs instantly without restoring the entire backup data. Every organization needs instant access to their business critical data in the event of disaster. Hence, a new type of file system is necessary to satisfy this need. With VembuHIVE file system we can achieve this. To know more about our VembuHIVE file system, please click here.

Vembu uses Microsoft Hyper-V for Windows and KVM for Ubuntu BDR backup servers. So your VMware backup or Hyper-V or Physical Machine are backed up and instantly recovered on Hyper-V/KVM.

How it works?

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  • To get instant boot feature, the BDR backup server software should be installed in a physical machine which has a native Hyper-V / KVM hypervisor role enabled
  • For every virtual & physical machines, after completing each backup schedule, Vembu creates VHD/VHDx/VMDK/IMG disks virtually without using any additional storage
  • By using the virtual hard disk files, VM will be instantly created on the Hyper-V/KVM

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Instant Recovery – What you need to know
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