Distilogix hosted a two day technology event at Millennium Plaza Hotel, Dubai on 22nd and 23rd May 2017 naming them as Partner’s Day and Customer’s Day respectively. Nagarajan, Product Manager, Vembu BDR Suite who represented Vembu at the event quoted, “After having conversation with the partners and IT admins, It was great to know that now companies in EMEA are welcoming innovative solutions from small players.”. Nagarajan had the opportunity to meet a lot of representatives across various regions of EMEA who were able to comprehend that they do face challenges in finding a solution which might cater to all of their requirements and the event was a right platform to know about various options available for them.

Most of the IT representatives we met had a common objective. Ensuring business continuity without hurting the operational costs is something they would like to aim at. There is a certain gap between the requirements of IT admins and what the market has to offer. Affordable backup solutions might not help businesses to scale up in case of expansion and full-featured solutions will be expensive for SMBs. The IT admins appreciated the fact that Vembu addresses such shortcomings with its flagship offering, Vembu BDR Suite which is considered one of the most comprehensive and affordable Backup & DR solutions in the market. Apparently, Vembu BDR Suite has only one edition for all the businesses unlike other leading backup vendors thus providing an edge to the small & medium businesses. Let’s understand why Vembu BDR Suite can be called as the most comprehensive product in the market. Vembu can backup VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Physical Servers, Desktops, Exchange Items, SharePoint Items, SQL Items, Office365, Google Apps, etc. – and they can back that up on-site, off-site, or even to the cloud, be it a Vembu cloud or Amazon – not to mention that most of this is done within a single UI.



We would like to thank everyone who made the event a great success and we wish to continue empowering SMBs with Vembu BDR Suite.

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