Data regulation laws across the world are growing in numbers with one of the primary objectives to safeguard the data privacy & protection rights of a user. GDPR(Europe), PIPEDA(Canada), CCPA(California), APPI(Japan), LGPD(Brazil), PDPA(Singapore), PDPB 2019(India), NDB(Australia) and Data Security Administrative Measures(China) are some of the most prominent laws around the world. In the United States alone, there are many federal laws designed to protect the data of end-users, and the number of such regulations is only increasing by the day.

Interestingly, there are a lot of organizations that still have mixed opinions about these laws. We wanted to find out what the data stakeholders (IT admins, Network admins, CIOs) feel about the data regulation laws and hence surveyed them with the below questions:

  1. Do you think stricter laws like GDPR would provide more control to end-users?
  2. Has data protection become more complicated after the introduction of laws like GDPR?
  3. Which type of infrastructure is deployed in your organization?
  4. Does your current backup vendor offer both On-premise & Cloud backup?

The survey results are as follows:

More control to end-users:

81.8% of the survey respondents have agreed that the data regulation laws will provide more control to the end-users i.e owners of data. While 13.6% are unsure about the impact, 4.5% of the respondents have disagreed that the laws will give control to end-users.


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The complexity of Data Protection:

Around 68.2% of IT Admins/CIOs/Network Admins feel that the new data regulation laws have made the data protection much more complicated. While 18.2% do not agree with this fact, 13.6% are unsure about the situation.


Type of Infrastructure:

When asked about the type of infrastructure deployed in their organization, around 77.3% of survey respondents claimed that they have a hybrid setup (both on-premise and cloud) with 13.6% having only on-premise deployment and 9.1% having only cloud deployment.


About Current Backup Vendor:

When asked about their current backup vendor, 72.7% of respondents affirmed that their backup vendor provides both on-premise and cloud backup, while 27.3% responded that they don’t have such an option in place.


Choosing an alternative backup solution:

An optional question was about the reason to choose an alternative backup solution. While most of them responded that they were happy with their backup solution, the reasons quoted by others to choose an alternative backup solution were high price, complexity in usage, poor support, not adhering to data regulations, and not comprehensive enough.

Choosing an alternative backup solution


It is worthy to note that many IT administrators feel that their current backup vendor is adhering to data regulations. However, it is always better to ask the right questions to your backup vendors about how they manage their data and other data compliance practices.

Data protection has become inevitable for every organization, regardless of size or budget. It is thus imperative to find a comprehensive backup solution that offers flexible deployment, is affordable, and, most importantly, helps you comply with regulations.

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