Serving small and medium sized businesses for more than a decade, Vembu’s latest offering, Vembu BDR Suite simplifies Backup, Recovery and Disaster Recovery at affordable pricing thus empowering small businesses with an enterprise level product. The products under Vembu BDR Suite caters to all types of requirements of a small and medium businesses varying from simple IT setup to complex & sophisticated data centers in varied IT environments. Vembu BDR Suite is designed for diverse environments like VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows, Linux and Mac. Since the companies are moving towards hybrid deployments, Vembu BDR Suite also provides flexible deployment options like offsite, cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud with backup & recovery of SaaS applications like Office 365, G Suite as well. The solution can be certainly recommended to those who are looking for an affordable & comprehensive product, especially to those companies looking for a common interface to protect their backups. Below are the excerpts from a case study on ABC Industries LLC, Dubai.

Customer Testimonial:

Vembu has always been good to us and their service has been outstanding. When I need customer service, I just email to them and they respond in a timely manner. Vembu service has been helpful and I highly recommend your solutions to others also.

– Rayees Ahmed, ABC Industries LLC

About the Customer:

ABC International Ltd is located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE and was formed over a decade ago in 2001. As part of continued growth, Packaging Division is created which is led and managed by the team of professionally trained individuals having 20 years of technical expertise in this field and with the use of modern tech and state of the art machine that was exclusively imported from USA, Canada, Italy & France. Indeed, ABC International Ltd is now considered to be the best source for perfect labeling and packaging solution with the flexibility to meet individual customer requirements.

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With their expertise and proven track record of offering high quality products, they have emerged as the indubitable winner of the industry.

Company challenge:

The ABC industries LLC which is in the manufacturing domain wanted a solution which will accommodate their multiple IT environments. They also wanted a solution which would drive out complexities and an affordable solution which would be friendly to their IT budgets.

The Vembu Solution:

The Vembu BDR Suite comes as a complete package where it addresses both physical and virtual environments’ image backup requirement along with legacy backup environments. All the changes during the incremental backup data is monitored and processed using CBT(Change Block Tracking method) tracking drivers and patent APIs. Also the backed-up data is efficiently handled at the backup server using VembuHiveTM file system with high end encryption and deduplication. Vembu BDR Suite comes as an all-in-solution which would address the multiple requirements of a data center at extremely affordable pricing. The ABC Industries LLC Group also lauded the affordability of Vembu’s solutions saying that price was one of the major deciding factor for choosing Vembu over other competitors. They also commented that they would recommend Vembu to others as the product works and the price point is quite attractive.


Customer commented that Vembu BDR Suite is a very cost-effective and user-friendly solution and it has addresses their backup requirements in an effective way and lauded the initial support and documentation features. Customer also said that there are no complexities involved when it comes to the solution and support provided.

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