Servicing the Calgary and surrounding area, 403tech provides an extensive range of IT consulting services to aid businesses. The company had been hosting their StoreGrid environment on an Amazon EC2 Instance and backing up clients from there. This was costing them quite a bit of time and money. What 403tech needed was a backup solution that would be simple, cost-friendly, compliant and capable of efficiently supporting their customers. They tried different solutions including CrashPlan before choosing Vembu OnlineBackupTM. What attracted them to this solution package over others was the competitive pricing and the time-saving benefit of not having to manage another server.

The Vembu Solution:

Vembu OnlineBackupTM provides powerful, affordable, highly secure,compliant, backup, recovery, replication, monitoring and reporting for Files, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Disk Image, VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V. Post implementation, the company couldn’t be more happier with their choice. Scott Gallupe, CEO & Founder, appreciates the easy-to-use interface. OnlineBackupTM brings a user-friendly, web-based visualization to the product. IT Admins can easily access the backup reports and monitor multiple backups on a single pane of glass. Vembu OnlineBackupTM provides backup and disaster recovery options,exchange backups and superior granularity. “Vembu also has one of the best support teams for backup I have ever dealt with and support calls are typically handled within 15 minutes (live person will call you) which is spectacular.” Customer service excellence continues to be one of the critical competitive advantages for IT service businesses. Vembu support operates 24x7x365 and is FREE to customers worldwide.403tech currently has 6 servers and multiple terabytes of space that use Vembu OnlineBackupTM. “We are always growing and Vembu will grow with us”, Scott promises. OnlineBackupTM provides the option to scale the number of servers and increase the space to several terabytes of backup.Managing local backups in the client location is always a tedious job and difficult to monitor continuously. Vembu OnlineBackupTM provides an option to protect the data in cloud and recover the data from anywhere, anytime on any machine. Backups can be configured continuously—every few minutes—to secure the data for business continuity. A single pane of glass makes monitoring backups easy from any place. Backups can also be overseen using Mobile apps making it even more convenient and timesaving.IT businesses keep growing with technology and often change strategies to improve revenue in an effort to sustain themselves in the market. Vembu OnlineBackupTM provides a recurring cloud model for VARs and resellers and scales the business with constant revenue stream.


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Reduced 95% of time overseeing backups. 403tech has reduced the time spent on surveilling backups and is confident in protecting client data with minimal monitoring efforts. This has allowed the company to focus its time, energy and resources on developing the business. Increased revenue through recurring business model. By providing a cloud based solution, Vembu made it possible for 403tech to grow with the recurring revenue model. 403tech can now scale their organization without depending on a break-fix revenue model.

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