Reports of a backup and restore environment are important to review at regular intervals, to have a daily operations level and trending/forecasting view of the environment.

In Vembu VMBackup,You can navigate this screen by going to ‘Report’ tab and then click on ‘Backup Status Report’ will display the screen seen below.

If you want to check the backup status-wise report then you can use this report. You can see all missed backup or all failed backup or all partially completed backup within a specified period. Also there is a provision to download the report for further processing. If you want the report to be emailed then it is possible and you can use ‘Instant Email’ feature to send email. You just need to fill the email id and the report shown in the screen will be emailed to that email id.

‘Backup Status Report’ will have two tabs, one will display the ‘Backup Status Report’ and another tab ‘Schedule Email Report’ is used to set filters and send that as email report.

VMBackup Server

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Reports -> Backup Status Report -> Email Report Scheduling.

VMBackup Server

This feature is used to know the status of the backup server via email filters. For example, if you want to watch the failed backups then you can set the email alert. This will send you an email notification whenever there is failed or missed or partially completed backup. By this way, it is not necessary to keep watching the backup server to resolve the failed backup.

These filters are general filters like you can set alert to find all failed backup or all missed backup in the backup server, it is not yet supported to set an alert to watch particular backup.

Procedure to Schedule Email Report

Browse through following page Reports -> Backup Status Report -> Email Report Scheduling.

  1. Select the checkbox ‘Email Report Scheduling’ that will enable you to enter other values.
  2. Enter the email id for which the alerts needs to be sent. You can enter the email id at the text box provided for email.
  3. You have to select the filter, you already created. In case this is the first time for you to configure this email schedule, then you have to create a filter. You can find the ‘Add New Filter’ button, you just click that to create a new filter for email status report.
  4. Upon clicking the ‘Add New Filter’ button, you see a new pop up window to create new filters.
  5. Enter a name for your filter by clicking the ‘Add New Filter’ link.
  6. Select the checkbox based on the filter you want to create.

Missed –A backup not even scheduled for some reasons like network connectivity  or client is not active or some other backup is running on the time etc.,

          Suspended –A backup is in suspended state. Suspended backup will not backup any further changes happening in the client side until it is resumed manually.

          Failed –A backup is scheduled but not even backed up a single file due to some  issue.

         Successful –A backup that is running as per the schedule and backing up the files regularly without fail. Even a backup is scheduled forcefully or resumed irrespective of the schedule time will also be listed in this report.

        Partially Completed –A backup was scheduled and backed up files but skipped some files due to some issue like ‘Read Failure’ at client side.

7.  Select the duration to generate the report. If you select last 7 days, then this report will list the backup status of the backups that ran last 7 days from today. You can also use from date and to date to generate a customized time period.

8.  Now you can save the new filter, and you can use this filter for report generation in future.

9.  If you want to generate the report daily, then you can select ‘Daily Schedule’ or you can go with ‘Weekly Schedule’.

10. Make sure you have entered or selected correct values and then hit the save button. Once after the configurations have been saved, reports will get generated as per the schedule.

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Accessing Backup Status Reports in Vembu VMBackup Server
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