Bare Metal Recovery

Vembu offers Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) which allows you to restore the physical Window Servers, Desktops and Laptops from the scratch. This Restoration process brings back the system to its previous state before the disaster or system crash. Bare Metal Recovery not only restores the backed up data but also the supporting environment such as operating system and applications which helps you in rebuilding the system.

Bare Metal Recovery

How it works

Bare-metal Recovery helps you to restore the physical Window Servers , Desktops and Laptops to same or new hardware. The Backed up Image file is downloaded from Vembu BDR Server and restore process is performed using Vembu Recovery CD which can be restored to the source hardware or new hardware. Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) is prone to lesser error as human intervention is minimized.

For Example, if the OS partition drive is corrupted, then the individual restore of the System such as reinstalling the OS, application and data will be quite tedious and prolonging one. In such cases, using BMR the restore process will be faster, better and fail-proof as it allows you to restore entire Operating System, Application and Data in the volume.

  • Download the backed up image formats(VHD)from Vembu BDR Server on disk
  • Create an ISO file using WAIK tool
  • When trying boot a RAW machine, use Vembu Recovery CD for further process of recovery
  • Selecting “Recover entire Disk or a Partition” will further allow you to restore to the target location

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